Significant amounts of Ehrenfelser are found in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. This cross of Riesling and Sylvaner has become a highly-valued commodity in the western province. Developed in 1929 at Germany’s Geisenheim Research Station, many consider Ehrenfelser, along with Kerner, as the best of the frost-resistant Riesling substitutes. It ripens slightly earlier than Riesling and grows in less ideal vineyard sites. Typically, it also produces more fruit than its noble parent, given the same conditions. Its only real disadvantage, aside from its hard to pronounce name, is its slight lack of acidity. Due to this lack of acid, wines made from Ehrenfelser do not share the same cellaring potential of Riesling.

So you’re not as pretty and sharp as your
famous mother, Riesling; but what a hard act
to follow! Some like to poke fun at your
weight, knowing you lack the nerve to defend
yourself. The good folks at the University
of British Columbia will treat you right.
They appreciate your fruitful Read more »

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  • I shared a delightful visit to Okanagan Falls Vineyard in 2000 with my husband. Today I was cleaning out my neglected wine cupboard. Lo and behold I found this beautiful bottle of your: Gold Label Series 2000 Ehrenfelser Ice Wine. My heart is broken that I have wasted or not enjoyed it. We enjoyed the tasting, otherwise we would not have purcha...

    Comment by 2198745Snoother 2198745 2198745 Snoother 2198745

  • Gehringer Brothers Minus 9° Ehrenfelser Icewine NV


    This was my first experience with Ice wine in 2001, and still was the best, This wine region of Canada produces beautifully tasting wine of many varieties, however the ice wine beats all other comparisons. Read More

    Wine review by BChillin

  • I agree - the Gerhringer Brother's Ehrenfelser is fantastic, and at $13.99 at the local BCLS, it is as cheap as you are going to find good wine unless you make it in your bathtub.

    Comment by 529469rickjohnson 529469 rickjohnson

  • Ehrenfelser from Gehringer Brother's Estate Winery in the Okanagan Valley is one of my favorites this year. Great for sitting on the deck and enjoying the sunny days of the season. DEEELISH!

    Comment by 362241Cor23 362241 Cor23

  • I'm finding an interest in icewine. I don't know very much about it, but what qualities am I to expect in an icewine? Read More

    Forum post in the topic Eiswein

  • Ehrenfelser NV


    No written review

    Wine review by oanababy

  • Ehrenfelser NV


    this is a fruit salad in a glass, my favorite white of the year. best enjoyed chilled on a hot day or any other day for that matter. Read More

    Wine review by rtensen

  • Gray Monk Ehrenfelser Okanagan Valley 2007


    A very nice wine from B.C. It is priced a bit high at $18 in Canada, but is still a very good buy.I love the length of this wine. You'll feel the fruits from the first sip till the last one. It is a tiny bit undefined in the mid-palette. It is quite sweet, and I like it by itself, or paired with something that is quite bland in taste, like poach... Read More

    Wine review by shiva

  • Ehrenfelser NV


    Out of all the white wines I tried last year (2008), this was my favourite. It's clean, crisp citrus nose hints of what's to come. The flavour changed like a kaleidoscope on the palate, starting with unripened peach, then blossoming into lime, then grapefruit. It leaves a refreshing, clean finish on the tongue--nice and smooth. It's the perfect... Read More

    Wine review by fresnelle

  • Gehringer Brothers Minus 9° Ehrenfelser Icewine NV


    One of the finest varieties of ice wine i've tried. The aroma is beautiful, it has a wonderful while rounded and bold tart flavor, the acidity gives the wine a clean, lush sweet finish. Allowing the sweet flavors of pineapple and a note of honey to really shine through. A bottle is about 48-50$ highly recommend it (rate it about 92-93) Read More

    Wine review by icewinelover

  • Joie a Noble Blend 2005


    My favourite wine at the moment. The 2006 Riesling is also quite lovely, which makes for a nice alternative as A Noble Blend is sold out almost everywhere (although the large bottle is still available at places like Liberty). Read More

    Wine review by aelwight

  • Joie a Noble Blend 2005


    Delicious! Pale golden colour doesn't suggest what the nose and palate deliver. This is a beatifully aromomatic. Floral, pear, spice, lanolin. A Blend of Alsacian grapes but produced in British Columbia. Food friendly with just a hint of sweetness balanced by some tangy acidity. Well worth seeking out. Read More

    Wine review by Old Vines


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