Name of varietal: Dolcetto
Common synonyms: Beaina, Bignola, Bignonina, Cassolo, Dolcetta, Dolsin, Douce Noir, Nibio, Orneasco, Uva d’Acqui, Uva del Monferrato, Uva di Ovada, Uva di Roccagrimalda
Parentage of the grape: Indigenous to Piedmont, Italy
History of the grape: The name means “little sweet one” in Italian. Dolcetto, along with Barbera and Nebbiolo is one of the prized grapes of the Piedmont region in Italy, with evidence that it has been growing there for many centuries. It had been traditionally produced as a light (both in color and weight) table wine. More recently the trend is for bolder versions made from grapes that have been given a longer hang time to amplify their power and ageworthiness, but this also results in raising its alcohol levels. For this reason, Dolcetto can now be found in the traditional light style as well as big concentrated styles. Wines labeled “Superiore” are often a good tip that these are older Read more »

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  • Treiso

  • Italy

    Wine in Italy is as much an integral part of everyday culture as love, family, cuisine and usin...

  • Languedoc

      The people of this region once spoke Occitan, in which one said “oc” instead of “oui” to m...

  • La Morra

  • Alba

  • Dolcetto d'Alba

      Dolcetto d’Alba is one of the several DOCs in Piedmont, Italy based on the Dolcetto grape....

  • Piemonte

  • Dolcetto Di Dogliani

  • Piedmont

      The name in Italian means “foot of the mountain,” given its location at the foot of the Al...

Popular Wineries using Dolcetto

  • Tommasi

    Tommasi Viticoltori(Tommasi vintners) is a family viticulture firm founded in 1902. It is situat...

  • Castello di Monsanto

    Castello di Monsanto is one of the most respected estates in Tuscany and one of the top produc...

  • Terre da Vino

    The many guests who arrive at our winery every day cannot help but notice that they are literally...

  • San Silvestro

    The “Cantine San Silvestro” is located in the territory of the Commune of Novello. It mainly prod...

  • Bolla

    Like all great legacies, the story of Bolla wines begins simply enough with one man, Abele Bolla....

  • MASI

    The Boscaini family have been the owners of the Masi vineyards for six generations. Sandro Boscai...

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Dolcetto on Snooth

  • That sounds like good experience to draw from...I'll have to revisit with some beers. Sushi, fried chicken, and Korean BBQ are the only beer pairings I've enjoyed til now. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Are you down with Dolcetto?

  • Hmmm. Sounds like a good burrito. I'm a purist when it comes to them. ... ... ... give both barbera and dolcetto a try, though. Barbera perhaps tonight, now that you've got me hungering for the things...  ; Read More

    Forum post in the topic Are you down with Dolcetto?

  • Much better than beer I'd say...there were a few raw white onions and green chile sauce but nothing else.  Read More

    Forum post in the topic Are you down with Dolcetto?

  • So the dolcetto went better with the burrito than a beer would? Anything in the burrito besides beans and cheese? Read More

    Forum post in the topic Are you down with Dolcetto?

  • Ideas to reality, this 1st bottle of Marziano Abonna performed very ... as ... ... as you'd expect from Dolcetto. With hours of air, the dark purple fruit emerges...licorice and pomegranate, with lead pencil and mild spice. Graceful, low intensity finish with good length. Definitely a winning Dolcetto...interestingly it was a better match with... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Are you down with Dolcetto?

  • Vietti Dolcetto Dolcetto d'Alba Tre Vigne 2010


    Not great, but enjoyed on a dull Friday night watching a Sherlock Holmes movie from my couch. It did get better later in the night, but that was likely more to do with my mood swing than the wine getting better. Read More

    Wine review by raindance

  • A little extra reading from a DIY blogger who appears to have done thorough ... no genetic relationship to Dolcetto. Tasted more like a cross between an elegant Cabernet on the fruit side and Pinot Noir on the weight/tannic structur Read More

    Forum post in the topic Charbono

  • I believe I have Dmcker to thank for endorsing Charbono in another thread.Got roped into a dinner last night when I should have been on my way home to my family...and it would have been especially painful if I didn't know to order the Charbono on the short by the glass menu. This was the most satisfying Napa wine I can remember, probably eclipsi... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Charbono

  • Just brought up a couple to the house yesterday, actually the Marziano Abbona and Gillardi from the mailer. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Are you down with Dolcetto?

  • Yeah, in my household those soldiers would do their duty and fall over long before the next Italian night at a restaurant. Which is never that far off...  ;-) Read More

    Forum post in the topic Are you down with Dolcetto?

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