Name of varietal: Diamond

Common synonyms: Moore’s Diamond, White Diamond

Parentage of the grape: Concord, Iona

History of the grape: The varietal dates back to the 1880s when horticulturalist Jacob Moore (hence the synonym “Moore’s Diamond”) crossed Concord with Iona grapes in Brighton, NY. The varietal had been associated with table wines that are relatively high in residual sugar, as was the popular style. More recently, plantings have declined as consumers drift toward releases using European varietals. However, vintners continue to produce small amounts of Diamond, with efforts toward more elegant table and sparkling wines with in less sweet styles.  

Characteristics of the grape: full-bodied, slightly oily, very grapey, golden apples

Regions where the grape is currently important: New York, Pennsylvania

Type or types of wines the grape produces: dry white, sparkling

– Description from Amanda Schuster

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Diamond on Snooth

  • Very funny EM.  Let us know if they do one for the second debate.I just ... Danish Dance Theater (Black Diamond) at The Kennedy Center, so I suppose I have to go.  I guess we'll record the debate and watch it when we get home.  In my effort to stay politically correct, I present the following picture.  You know I'm a cat person, righ Read More

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  • You guys know that I'm always one to push the limits.  In fact, I like to grab life by the pu##y.....er....let me rephrase that....I like to enjoy pairing wine with politics and things of this nature.  Anyone who knows me might not realize I am better with wine/event pairings than with wine/food pairings.  So, with that being said, I need to pai... Read More

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  • Last night a big rainstorm was predicted to roll in.  This it did, but we ... ... to the Nationals vs. the Diamond Backs.  Oh well, at least the game was official and it wasn't going to be postponed for another day.  We have such a busy schedule you know!  Our friends are heading to Italy for a 2-week vacation this weekend, so it was fun to he... Read More

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  • Thanks for the responses!Outthere - Yes it got to 85 in the house, our digital ... ... - Howell Mtn/Spring Mtn/Diamond Mtn, Cliff Lede Beautiful Generation, etc.  This is why I would be very sad if something happened, not because it is expensive wine but because it was specifically our anniversary year.   Even though it did get warm, the cool... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Wine cooler unplugged by...

  • Hi, Just had some insulation put in our walls and the installer unplugged our cooler!  We didn't notice it for about a week and that was during some hefty temps outside.  It probably got to 85 in the house for a couple days.   Had a bunch of 2012 anniversary wines in there being stores a 56 degrees.   Do you think a week of higher temps will eff... Read More

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  • The majority of wines on the market these days are meant to be consumed within ... ... wonderful bottle of 1998 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon I thought it was amazing in 2005 but the other less-than-optimized in 2015. I challenge myself to open up wines. Yes, there is more of that or another great wine if you open a special bottle. Trust... Read More

    From the article Your Guide to Aged Wines

  • Bolivian wine?????I think yours is the first example I've seen here, Al. ... ... Loco close by, here. in Diamond Bar.  The raison d'etre of fast food establishments is getting food fast.  Getting in the car and crossing the county line takes way too much time.As you can see, this is another example that being a First Worlder comes with its ow... Read More

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  • Life is darned good in Diamond Bar This is so easy to drink.  Gentle currant flavor on entry, then the suggestion of a spice flavor--I'm going with clove.  Some leather.  Tannin is controlled--it is not observed until mid- to rear-palate.  That, to me, is a tad unusual.  A bit tart, but some of us like that. Read More

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  • Triple digit temperatures in Diamond Bar.  Time for some pink. What an easy summer sipper this one is.  Redolent of fruit--I'm getting kiwi, but with acid tartness that suggests lemon.  I almost want to suck this one through a straw.  Amazingly easy to drink. Read More

    Forum post in the topic Whatcha drinking tonight?

  • D, we went down to Joshua Tree over spring break, came back via Diamond Bar (been meaning to write a post about the amazing dinner Mr. and Mrs, Emark served us, their hospitality, and that awesome Dunn Howell Mountain that we drank, not to mention some better than perfection Sauternes).  Part of the trip was devoted to checking out some colleges... Read More

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  • LOVE IT!!! Bruce and Ann Diamond

    Comment by 314595diamonds3 314595 diamonds3

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