Name of varietal: Colombard

Common synonyms: French Colombard (California), Colombar, Colombie, Colombier, Blanquette, Bardero,

Parentage of the grape: Gouais Blanc, Chenin Blanc

History of the grape: Colombard is believed to be a crossing of Gouais Blanc and Chenin Blanc, although horticultural DNA tests have not been confirmed. It is believed to originate in the Charente region of France, where it was used as a primary base for Cognac and Armagnac brandy. However, Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano) has taken over as the main varietal and ingredient. It is still used as a blending grape in dry whites in other parts of France, with some varietal releases in the southwest. In California, during the mid to late 20th century it was widely planted due to its ability to retain acidity in hot conditions, high yields and aromatic character, though mostly for use in jug wines. It was replaced by Chardonnay in most vineyards and is still mostly used in a blending capacity. However, some producers have turned out Read more »

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  • This is terrific info, guys.  Thank you, very much.A few years ago I ... ... posted a thread asking about Colombard in California.  Snooth used to e-mail to me a "Wine Tip of the Day," and one arrived stating that Colombard was the 3rd most grown (I really don't know if they were measuring tons or acres) wine grape in California.  My question ... Read More

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  • GrapesTen different varieties of Armagnac grapes are authorised for use in the ... four are most common:Baco 22AColombardFolle blancheUgni blancWikipedia again.  Not even going to try to paraphrase.  Other than the Baco, same top contributors as Cognac.  But don't you always wonder what goes into anything you put in your mouth? I'm so curious ... Read More

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  • Colombard and Ugni Blanc are two of the three grapes that are required to make up 90% of anything called Cognac.  Brandy can be almost anything, including non-grape sources, but what you would think of as Brandy--and SA is a big producer of brandy made from grapes--uses Colombard among other grapes.  If you look at the original post and its phot... Read More

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  • Colombard is commonly used in Armagnac and Cognac. By regulation for it to qualify as a Cru, Cognac needs to be at least 90% from Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche. The wine used in the distilling process is often described as pretty much crap on its own. Doesn't bode well for the bottle in the OP for this thread!Requirements aren't as str... Read More

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  • Colombard crops really heavily.  Of course, it's used more in spirits and sparkling.OK, I keep learning here.  Are they making Brandy from Colombard grapes?  What kinds of grapes are used in France for Brandy? Read More

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  • Appropos of DM's comment:"Chenin is still king in South Africa, ... ... Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Colombard, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc."I would have thought Riesling was up there, but turns out that a lot of what they thought was Riesling was a French grape called Crouchen Blanc.  Get your hands on that and we'll talk "completely different."... Read More

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  • Wine is not the first pairing that comes to mind when you’re talking ... ... of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Ugni Blanc$25, 11.5% abv. The white sparkler opens up with aromas and flavors of green apples with a little toast. Firm acidity and a crisp finish, which means that this goes along quite well with snacks. Sparkling wine with fri... Read More

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  • So I did find a little information about Firefinch.  Seems the wine might ... said:Firefinch (Robertson) Colombard/Chardonnay 2003 ($13, Country Vintner): This wine has a great name and explosively fresh flavors that make it one of the best summer sippers I've encountered all year.Here's a wine that might be comparable, just because it comes f... Read More

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  • My name is Michael King--micking--and I've just joined.  I call myself a 'wine snot' because I know what I like and know something about wines but still have quite a bit to learn.  Unhappily, I had a stroke several years ago which stopped me from enjoying red wines.  So, I now have to stick with whites.  I'm rather fond of French wines but also ... Read More

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  • Well V V, that Oregon white looks very nice.  Sorry that Colombard was a bummer EM. Read More

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  • I miss it.

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