Cabernet Franc

Name of varietal: Cabernet Franc

Common synonyms: breton, bouchy, bidure, bouchet, cabernet franco, capbreton rouge, kaberne frank, noir dur
Parentage of the grape: it’s a chicken or egg scenario. Cab Franc has been determined as one of the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon (the other is Sauvignon Blanc). 
History of the grape: References to it in the Loire region of France date as far back as the mid 12th century. But its historic moment came In the 17th century when Cardinal Richelieu selected it for the garden of Abbaye de St. Nicolas de Bourgeuil, where it was attended by an abbot named Breton (hence the local synonym). Plantings spread into Bordeaux in the 18th century, where it met its life partner Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon came into existence. It is now mostly used as a blending grape there. However in the Loire and Southwest France, it is still vinified as a varietal wine in the likes of Bourgeuil, Chinon, Tauraine, Saumur, Anjou and the few reds of Read more »

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Cabernet Franc on Snooth

  • Chateau Paillet-Quancard 2010


    Ready to roar now, this 2010 Cadillac red is full of tobacco, red licorice whip, and raspberry on the nose. There is a lot of ripe fruit on entry with a touch of evanescent tannin; some evidence of Cabernet in a hint of cassis. Smooth and at its peak now for most enjoyable drinking. Excellent value. Here in Coquitlam BC a palette of 35 cases... Read More

    Wine review by zufrieden

  • Ctrl/DescriptonYearPricetotalOpus One1997300300Opus one1999300300Opus ... ... ... Franc2010100200Turnbull Cabernet Franc2011100100Turnbull Petit Verdot20075050Turnbull Cabernet200785170TurnBull Black Label2009125125Turnbull Black label2010120480Pahlmeyer Piece Resistant ( rare02009300300Pahlmyer Red2011130390Pahlmeyer Prop Red201275300Pahlmye... Read More

    Forum post in the topic larry2525

  • Have small collection of wine to sell, 205 bottles, includes vintage opus one, Joseph Phelps, Storybook, Cakebread, Turnbull, Shafer Hillside select, Schrader Kalon, Amuse Bouche, Stags Leap and more Read More

    Forum post in the topic larry2525

  • Chateau Labadie Cru Bourgeois Medoc 2010


    This nicely behaved Medoc emits some nice blackberry (cassis), black cherry and some cedar bark on the nose, and the colour is deepest red - almost sanguine. Some vanilla notes with a hint of tannin as the wine finishes quite smoothly with slightly wood-laden blackberry. You can keep for several years, but drinking fine now. Decent value. 88 p... Read More

    Wine review by zufrieden

  • Chateau le Puy du Chay Puisseguin Saint Emilion 2000


    I bought this bottle of wine for £10 from a wine merchant in Sussex..It is from the Puisseguin Saint Emilion AOC which was created in 1936 for red wines from the Puisseguin commune to the north-east of the town of Saint Emilion.It is one of the four 'satellite ' Saint Emilion appellations.I have not been able to find out much about Chateau Le Pu... Read More

    Wine review by duncan 906

  • Thank you, Dvogler. I had suspected the other commenters might not be complete ... ... malbec, mourvedre, cabernet franc, and gamay; viognier, semillon,  and pinot blanc. These grapes produce wines that suit my palate better than the wines from varietals like syrah, cab sauv, sauv blanc, and some of the others.I think my prejudice stems from ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Hello Snooth!

  • So happy to be amongst fellow oenophiles! I am a freelance copywriter, writing in the food, wine, and spirits industry.I am here to share my personal enthusiasm for wines, not for professional reasons.I live in Fargo, North Dakota, USA, where no one grows wine grapes to produce actual wine. I am just slightly better informed than a complete novi... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Hello Snooth!

  • Les Cailloux Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil 2014


    This young and juicy wine is much more dense and fruit-forward than recent years (which had poor harvest results in most cases) and quite drinkable now. Café-style Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil at its best - bursting with cherries on the nose - almost like Nouveau. Rich berry flavours on entry - especially blueberry (bleuet) that explode but finis... Read More

    Wine review by zufrieden

  • Super light reds sometimes get a poor reputation with serious wine drinkers, ... ... of Pinot Noir, Gamay and Cabernet Franc are good examples of super light varieties.  Pinot NoirWe need to be careful with Pinot Noir. There are certainly lush versions from California and Oregon, and Burgundy’s Pinot Noir wines have gotten richer and bigger ov... Read More

    From the article Why You Should Take Super Light Red Wine More Seriously

  • Chateau Laribiere Bordeaux 2000


    This bottle of wine was part of a lot I bought on the website is a simple Bordeaux AOC from Chateau Laribiere. I do not know the exact cepagement but I presume it to be a blend of merlot and one or both of the cabernets. I started it the other evening with my supper of chicken breast. There is some bla... Read More

    Wine review by duncan 906

  • This is the cab franc I love best so far...

    Comment by 87843napagirl68 87843 napagirl68

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