Cabernet Franc

Name of varietal: Cabernet Franc

Common synonyms: breton, bouchy, bidure, bouchet, cabernet franco, capbreton rouge, kaberne frank, noir dur
Parentage of the grape: it’s a chicken or egg scenario. Cab Franc has been determined as one of the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon (the other is Sauvignon Blanc). 
History of the grape: References to it in the Loire region of France date as far back as the mid 12th century. But its historic moment came In the 17th century when Cardinal Richelieu selected it for the garden of Abbaye de St. Nicolas de Bourgeuil, where it was attended by an abbot named Breton (hence the local synonym). Plantings spread into Bordeaux in the 18th century, where it met its life partner Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon came into existence. It is now mostly used as a blending grape there. However in the Loire and Southwest France, it is still vinified as a varietal wine in the likes of Bourgeuil, Chinon, Tauraine, Saumur, Anjou and the few reds of Read more »

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Cabernet Franc on Snooth

  • Jarvis Winery Cabernet Franc Napa Valley 2001


    This is a Gold Medal Wine Club Platinum series selection. Dimitri ... in Napa ... in Napa considers the 2001 Cabernet Franc as one of his premier wines. This varietal is his personal favorite because of the wines full bodied and bold forceful nature. Combined with his highly acclaimed winemaking talent and an exceptional year for the grapes, t... Read More

    Wine review by Gold Medal Wine Club

  • I've noticed that the cab. franc that I've tasted from N. Italy, either blended or as major grape, has a strong metallic taste (and even a smell). Is this something others have noticed and is it a character of the variety? What other wines have this grape as a major component so I can compare? I'm living in Europe, so it would be great if you c... Read More

    Forum post in the topic Cabernet Franc

  • Bordeaux Red Blend 2005


    This is a Gold Medal Wine Club Gold Series selection. Highway 12s 2005 Sonoma ... parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. This is a classic blend to Sonoma Valley, which exhibits favorable microclimates to successfully producing the three core Bordeaux varietals. A true crowd pleaser with a great fruit profile and smooth texture,... Read More

    Wine review by Gold Medal Wine Club

  • Niner Wine Estates Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 2003


    This is a Gold Medal Wine Club Gold Series selection. Produced from the ... ... equal amount of Merlot and Cabernet Franc were added to the final blend. The Merlot brings a soft roundness to the middle of the finished wine, and Cabernet Franc lends elevated blueberry flavors and a chewy richness. In the mouth, the wine has a soft approach, wit... Read More

    Wine review by Gold Medal Wine Club

  • Hello All,I am new to snooth and I stumbled on this site in search of ... is ... is mostly Merlot with more Cabernet Franc than Cabernet Sauvignon but I can't describe it. It's actually a very good, cheap wine and I would love to review it but I'm not quite sure how. Any pointers would be greatly appreciate Read More

    Forum post in the topic Chateau Gobert

  • Charles Joguet Chinon les Petites Roches France Loire Touraine Chinon 2005


    A really fine Chinon with darker fruit than may be typical. Almost curranty fruit marries with tobacco, ancho chili, crushed violets, and potting soil in a plush styled wine with good acidity and supporting tannins that gives this a wonderful mouthfeel. The finish continues the theme with a bit more pronounced acidity refreshing the palate and ... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon 2005


    Lovely pure fruit laid over a bed of gritty minerality yields a wine that is perfectly at home with rustic fair. Lovely suggestions of tobacco, moist earth and just a minor edge of green veggie notes. This is really very bright and eminently drinkable, best paired with something that can buffer the fine acidity here. This would also work well wi... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • We concluded our Cabernet GTi this past Friday with a small gathering of the ... ... Cab sauv/6% Merlot/2% Cabernet Franc 14.5% Groups #9/ My #8  $40Toni felt that this smelled very harsh at times with a lot of earth and strawberry but not in a good way and continued that while this may be way too young, finish was harsh too. Matt noted heat ... Read More

    Forum post in the topic PTP 15 - Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Pininfarina Red Blend Napa Valley Vino Rosso 2005


    balsamic and fairly oaky on the nose with some assertive green herbs and a nice streak of grafite, and leather nice mouthfeel, well balanced, good acids and nice tannins, a touch earthy and mineral with some oak up front leading to more of a black curranty mid-palate with a hint of jammy blackberry, nice finish with good length, nice and firm ... Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

  • Paraduxx Napa Valley 2005


    hot, shallow, furry and slightly gamy, a bit of strawberry/wild raspberry a touch sweet in the mouth , a bit simple and obvious, fudgy finish 85pts Read More

    Wine review by Gregory Dal Piaz

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