Common synonyms: Croatina, Bonarda Piemontese, Uva Rara, Bonardo Novarese

History of the grape: Bonarda is a confusing grape to describe because, depending on where it was made, one person’s Bonarda is another person’s Charbono. The story begins in Italy, where this grape has three offshoots: The Bonarda grape planted in north central Italy in Otrepo Pavese and Colli Piacentini is known there as Croatina. When one sees “Bonarda” on an Italian wine, chances are it is this grape, which originated in Croatia, hence the name. Then there is the Bonarda known as Uva Rara (Bonardo Novarese) grown in Piedmont. Finally, the Bonarda known as Bonarda Piemontese, which is also from Piedmont, but very rarely seen, however, this is considered the “true” Bonarda.

A grape known as Bonarda has become one of the top two most popular red grapes in Argentina (next to Malbec). However, that grape is believed to really be Charbono (Corbeau in France), and not related to the Italian Read more »

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Bonarda on Snooth

  • Lusenti la Picciona Bonarda 2003


    Enjoyed this raisinated, Amaroni-like deep stone-fruit red at Lupa. Great age on this 10-year-old. Good tannins, complex and structured. Read More

    Wine review by Cab Lovers

  • Hacienda San Martin Malbec Bonarda 2011


    Blueberry here, some raspberry and light smoky hints.Silky at beginning, then tannins come and bright aftertaste at the end. Read More

    Wine review by ApelsecS

  • La Posta Cocina Tinto 2010


    Juicy, hot, nice fruity finish. [From "Red Blends" at Bin 105, Lincoln NE, 21 July 2012.] Read More

    Wine review by Nathan P

  • La Posta Malbec Cocina 2008


    The strong aroma of plum enhances the dark nose, though the flavor is more about crisp red cherry and a touch of tannin, all rendered a little hotter by the alcohol. (AV 85, Read More

    Wine review by Argovino

  • Durigutti Bonarda 2008


    A bonarda that delivers, as much as bonarda can. There's almost no bouquet, which may come as a relief for this varietal, and the rich taste of raspberry jam isn't overly blocked by the extant tannins. (AV 86, Read More

    Wine review by Argovino

  • Tikal Patriota Mendoza 2010


    A complex bouquet of ink, laundry detergent, and roses sets the stage for a ... a ... the sweetness of the bonarda is quite evident; the texture is still rather austere, though. (AV 87, Read More

    Wine review by Argovino

  • La Posta Bonarda 2010


    Many bonardas have an attractive sweetness but are a little rough around the edges, and this one is no different. Theres a glimpse of cinnamon just as it touches the tongue, and the tannic edge makes a nice contrast for the fattiness of cured meats. (AV 86, Read More

    Wine review by Argovino

  • La Posta Cocina Tinto 2011


    An inky bouquet with whiffs of latex and wildflowers already makes this budget option hopes of being a stellar deal, and in the mouth its luscious and fruit-filled, the tannins still a bit rough, but the bitterness controlled. More intense than it has a right to be very drinkable now, perhaps even better in a year or two. Given the varietals, i... Read More

    Wine review by Argovino

  • Altos las Hormigas Colonia las Liebres Bonarda 2012


    Rather restrained as bonarda goes, without the explosion of sweet red fruit or the rustic feel in the mouth of other versions of the varietal. The upside is a subtle taste thats more red currants than strawberries and a lasting smoothness that makes it easier to pair. If youre looking for an alternative to pinot noir, worth a try. (AV 86, http:/... Read More

    Wine review by Argovino

  • Michel Torino Altimus 2010


    The nose showed intense dark fruits, spiced cookie and rosemary with an undercurrent of dusty stone and minerals. On the palate this was rich yet detailed and structured with flavors of ripe, dark fruits followed by hints of herbs and cranberry carrying through the cheek-puckering finish. The balance of ripe fruit and structure here is stunning ... Read More

    Wine review by Eric Guido

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