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Your Vermont Wine Guide, Part One

Harvest time in Vermont conjures images of dried cornstalks, heaps of pumpkins, fresh cider donuts, and multi-colored leaves. Amber, orange, and yellow images may be iconic to autumn in the Green Mountain State but lately hues of red, white and rosé are showing-up in an expanding agricultural economy where cold climate fruits are fermenting into value added libations to become unique facets of the modern wine world. Commercial vineyards and wine making have been in Vermont for three decades, with plantings of French-American hybrids as well as forays into traditional vinifera, resulting in success with the former and sporadic survival among the latter. The last ten years have marked a revolution in northern wine making from Wisconsin to Maine with the widespread propagation of cold har...

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Innovation Sweeping South Africa: Get Thirsty!

The status of South African wine in the USA is lamentable. Even in New York City, where the most diverse selection of wine styles and origins in the world spoils imbibers, South Africa barely appea...

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Don't Belittle the Box Wine!

Box wine, depending on who you ask, is either the future of wine or the ugly stepsister. Long hailed with amazing potential, what actually gets to the market rarely seems to live up...or does it? O...

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Easy Access & October-Friendly White Wines

While there's little doubt that seasonal wine themes have been done to death, there are excellent reasons why we wine writer types continue to write them. First and foremost is that the ranks of wi...

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Let's Get Geeky: Obscure Greek Wine Grapes

Oct 22 at 12:00am
Greece is a small country, roughly the size of Alabama. It has more than 2000 islands and about 9000 miles of coastline, the 10th longest in the world, and no point in Greece is more than 85 miles ... Read More »


Explore this Fall with Carmenere

Was it Merlot, or Cabernet Franc? Yes! And then it became Carmenere, the black sheep of the Bordeaux family.

Oct 20 at 12:00am
With one final nod to experimentation this year, I’m leaving you with this suggestion for fall: Try some Carmenere! It’s a variety that I’ve been pushing as a mid-weight summer red because it is a ... Read More »


Oregon's Riesling Revival

Learn why this varietal is on the rise.

Oct 16 at 12:00am
Winemakers are fascinated by its diversity, winegrowers love its transparency, restaurant sommeliers appreciate its friendliness for food, and wine enthusiasts cherish it for its approachable smoot... Read More »


5 Fabulous French Wines: Pays d'Oc IGP

Oct 14 at 12:00am
Tradition tends to reign supreme in the French wine world (just witness the old-money regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy), but the country's wine classification system got a shake up in 2009 when a E... Read More »


The United States of Wine

While we tend to focus on the familiar, Dezel Quillen make a point of taking us on a journey through some of the lesser known, but exciting, emergi...

Oct 9 at 12:00am
I began my wine journey mining for hidden gems in little known regions along the east coast of the United States. A common response to many of the wines I shared and wrote about back then went some... Read More »


What We've Been Drinking

Our Favorite Wine Writers Share Their Wines of the Month!

Oct 8 at 12:00am
Once again we’re publishing a round table of favorite wines from some of our favorite authors.  While we thought this might be a little tricky, culling favorite wines from late August and early Sep... Read More »


Value Syrah $15 and Under

Australian Shira still dominates this market segment. How are the wines these days and should we be looking elsewhere for better values?

Oct 7 at 12:00am
After last week’s disappointing look at value priced Zinfandel you would be right to think that this week’s take on value priced Syrah, with a focus on Australian Shiraz, might produce equally horr... Read More »


"Uncategorically" Red Blends

What started as a movement to hide sweet wines is developing into one of the most dynamic and interesting wine niches.

Oct 6 at 12:00am
Red blends. It’s a term that has been bandied about quite liberally over the past several years, commonly referring to 'kitchen sink' wines that are overtly fruity and sweet enough to need their ow... Read More »


Hard Apple Cider

Rediscovering a Virginia Tradition

Oct 2 at 12:00am
Hewes’ Crab. Albemarle Pippin. Harrison. Grimes. Baldwin. Esopus Spitzenberg. Winesap. Apples. More specifically, cider apples with deep roots in The Commonwealth of Virginia.  Each of these culti... Read More »


Bordeaux: Yea or nay?

Our Favorite Wine Writers Share Their Views!

Oct 1 at 12:00am
Bordeaux has had a bit of a rough ride over the past decade or so. With prices for the top growths spiralling out of control, and new consumers perfectly happy to forgo the classic, Bordeaux’s futu... Read More »

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  • 677113Baja Wendy I am an expat Designer and Journalist living in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, and have recently written a couple of stories and conducted radio interviews with some of the Baja winemakers. There have been two Wine and Food Festivals in the past couple of in the Cabo area and the other in Todos Santos...spotlighting the wines of Baja, with wonderful food pairing dinners the night before. Besides all the artists who live here, we are also known for our chefs here in Todos Santos. I think your readers would find the history of Baja's winemaking area and what the vineyards are producing, very interesting. Wendy Rains,

  • 376525jkasza STACT modular wine wall - If Apple made a wine rack it would look like this:

  • 1125246Flavius008 Heloo! My name is Flavius Cristea and i have a bottle of vin "Listel-Dry on year 1856 and i want to know what price have this. i waiting a answer! My adrese on yahoo mesenger its

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  • 1169792WineRackGuy STACT is a start-up that's disrupting the wine industry through 'good design'. Crowdfunded in 40 hours on Kickstarter, residing at the intersection of wine + modern design, STACT represents the emergence of a whole new category within the wine space - at an opportune time with an online wine industry set to grow by 63% to $6.5B in sales, surpassing global digital music download sales in 2012! - Rated #1 Kickstarter design project by Huffington Post’s StyleList - Featured on’s ‘Must Have’ list - Top 10 most successful international Kickstarter product EVER (outside of USA) - #1 ranked Kickstarter product on Kicktraq (Sept 1, 2012) - #1 crowd-funded wine-related project ever (breaking six-figures), as featured in Profit Magazine & Vancouver Sun More here >

  • 1189602mboswo1 where was the article of the Piedmonte...the headline highlighted the subject, but there was no story...???

  • 666385Deatrice I agree, where is the story on Peruvian wines. I was just in Peru 3 weeks ago and through my sampling think they are an emerging wine region

  • 1495308Skihawk I have recently introduced a very beautiful and unique wine storage and display rack. Each RAX is hand-made in a small shop in Poulsbo, WA USA. They are hand crafted from sustainable Western Red Cedar purchased from a local family owned mill. Every Wine RAX is hand rubbed with a Brazilian rosewood oil, fire-heat branded, signed and numbered by the craftsman. RAX is a very green company. Wine RAX make the perfect wedding gift, gift for your favorite wine lover or something unique and special for yourself. The Table Top models are a novel, elegant way to display wine. The Wall models are a beautiful and efficient way to store your wine. Check them out at If you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them for you. Thanks, John Hawkins RAX by Radically Inclined 360-621-1131

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