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Yummy Dish for Syrah Dinner

Posted by Wine Duets, Nov 21, 2013.

Hi!  I'm hosting a 'Sweaters & Syrah' dinner where my guests are wearing their best cheesy holiday sweater and I'm serving up 8 different Syrah's (California, some cool climate, some from Paso).  

I'm thinking of doing beef, but would love your suggestions on favorite main dishes to serve 12 people.


Patty Hayes

Wine Duets


Reply by outthere, Nov 21, 2013.

Braised Short Ribs/Braised Lamb Shank and Syrah are great together. Use Syrah in the braising liquid for more emphasis! Sounds like a good plan.

Reply by duncan 906, Nov 21, 2013.

I agree-some sort of stew as opposed to steak or a roast.Will you be serving any northern Rhones?

Reply by GregT, Nov 21, 2013.

Steak, roast, kebabs, baked, all of it works as long as it's lamb. I'd just prepare whatever is easiest for you so you're not cooking when guests are there. Roast a leg of lamb or something, add some herbs, and open the wine.

I hope you have a wide variety of them - Syrah comes in many iterations. I'd include something from Arnot-Roberts or Peay or Clary or Wind Gap or Failla or someone else on the coast, then maybe a more tannic and bigger version - Fisher Hidden Terrace for example, and then something sweet and ripe like Pride, then something from Napa could be interesting - Shafer or Viader or maybe something less expensive like Raymond or maybe Lagier Meredith which is more money but is one of the best in CA IMO, and then there are a number of good ones from Paso Robles and elsewhere.

Ironically I was invited to a N. Rhone dinner tonight. Alas, too late. 

I'm going to taste Beaujolais instead.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 22, 2013.

Yes, Syrah and lamb is a natural, but it also goes fine with beef--but I hold out for cabs and the like usually when having beef.  I think the spiciness of the wine also means Syrah can handle gamier foods.  And lighter styles, like St. Joseph, can pair really well with a fish course as well.  I make a grilled cod with tomato water and oil cured olives and rosemary that goes really well with Steve Law's Syrahs from Maclaren (his label, Sonoma County grapes, not to be confused with some Aussie thing).  I think Syrah pairs well with lots of things, but throwing a leg of lamb in the roaster is hard to beat and easy for a large group.

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