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You've got $100 a week to spend on wine. What would you drink?

Original post by Richard Foxall, Sep 27, 2012.

I noticed that OutThere purchased seven bottles of a particular wine at $14 and it occurred to me that it was a $100 purchase, and enough to last about a week.  So I got curious, and mentioned in the thread that it would be interesting to know how much per week people spent.  Well, Emark has better records and more time on his hands than I do, and he wrote the following:

" I don't know how many will be interested in this, but I have a mechanism to very accurately track all my finances--including expenditures.  I can report that my expenditures for wine in the last 12 months was very close to the $5200 target that Foxall suggested above...

"How does my spending compare to the universe of wine drinkers?  I suspect that I am above average if one looks at all wine drinkers, and in this group I am including very casual wine consumers.  I suspect I am close to average in the set of Snooth members, and I suspect that I am below average in the set of 'more prolific Snooth Forum posters.' "

I'm not quite as up to date--my CT records aren't close to perfect, and my wife keeps the credit card records--but I would guess that my average is slightly lower.  I drink a lot of inexpensive bottles during the week (good discounters in my area + love of odd grapes with low demand), and only occasionally ramp up to something over $25 on the weekend.  But $100 a week, not counting the odd restaurant purchase, seems pretty close.  There are two of us and we have wine almost every night.

So, if you gave it some thought that way, how would you spend $100 a week?  Fewer but higher end bottles? Push down prices on those daily drinkers so you can splurge on the weekends?  I'm going to come up with a plan, since we spend that anyway, and see if what I am actually doing is at all similar. 

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Reply by duncan 906, Feb 8, 2013.

Amour   Snap! I have had,and reviewed for Snooth,wine from both of those producers.Lovely stuff.

Reply by amour, Feb 8, 2013.

Golly gosh!...I need to read everything from you, DUNCAN 906, darling!

Glad that there is a response, on Baumard, as I wanted so much to say a bit more, but refrained initially.

The Baumard family came in for criticism regarding their unique methods with the botrytis grapes....


Will continue...must log off now!

Big Kiss!

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