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Posted by Howardsommellier, Mar 3, 2012.

Hi there

I’m new here (hi :) I thought you might like our new Startup PhotoVino  We just won Lean Startup Machine London and we would love to get your feedback on the idea.

People say PhotoVino is like having your own virtual wine butler, I hope you like it too. Here it is:

Have a great weekend =)


p.s. I will make sure we waiver our service fee when we see an order from you, thanks for giving us a go.


Reply by EMark, Mar 4, 2012.

Seems like a reasonable idea.  I have to think, though, if I have I can snap a picture of a label, then I already know how to get the wine.  The obvious exception, of course, would be the case where I pulled a bottle of vintage 1986 something or other that had been in the cellar for 20 years, liked it and wondered if I could get some more of it.  That is not my normal mode.  If I tasted it, and it was great, it's over for me.  I'm ready to move on to something else.  I suspect I am not your usual wine afficionado, however.  Also, I live in a very large metropolitan area, and I have access to a lot of very good local resources.  As a result I very, very rarely order wine for delivery.  To me it is preferable to drive over to a store and buy it.  I also know that I'm the exception regarding that attitude, also.

Good luck on your venture.  I hope you find customers who don't have my viewpoint.


Reply by shsim, Mar 4, 2012.

I agree with EMark on that I would rarely get wines delivered with so many good sources to go to. And I do enjoy browsing through the store. 

However, there are plenty of occasions where this will be a great tool. Especially when you are dining out and really enjoy a bottle of wine at the restaurant but have never seen it before. This will be very convenient instead of searching everywhere.

You could probably set it such that you can recommend wines according to what people have purchased too.


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