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You can't fill your flask with whiskey!

Posted by celticman, Nov 6, 2010.

There is no such thing as whiskey,  You have Bourbon. WE have whisky.


Try Penderryn Single Malt if you want to try a Welsh Whisky


Chris from Cardiff.


Reply by zufrieden, Nov 6, 2010.

Whisky (or whiskey) definitely travels better than wine and can double as an antiseptic and low-burning fuel. And for certain other occasions, a most perfect fit.  Next time I perambulate over the Welsh hills and valleys, I'll have to take a nip or two of the locally distilled waters.

Perhaps you could tells a bit more of the history of this drink in Wales (as opposed to the history amongst your Celtic brethren in Scotland and Ireland).  Our household still has relatives living in a well-known border town in Monmouthshire so there is a bit of a genetic connection...


Reply by StevenBabb, Nov 8, 2010.

ahhh... but bourbon can only come from kentucky... has to be labeld as whiskEy from any other state... not to be confused with the whisky from your part of the world...   : )

Reply by celticman, Nov 10, 2010.

Nice reposte Old Bean.  Google "Penderryn whisky" made in Wales for more info on my part of the world.  1st Welsh single malt in over 100 years since the temperence lot closed the industry down,  Funny how that didnt happen in Kentucky despite ongoing temperence!



Reply by angelsshare, Mar 8, 2011.

There is a common misconception that bourbon can only come from Kentucky.  For a whiskey to become a boubon, it must meet the requirements stated by U.S. law, which do not state that the spirit be made in Kentucky.  In fact, there are quality bourbons made in TN, VA, and oddly enough, NY.

However, the best bourbons do come from Kentucky, so there really is no use to try to argue.  Nevermind.

Reply by dmcker, Mar 10, 2011.

So Tennessee is crap, eh?

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Mar 10, 2011.

Us Australians being simple people try and simplify everything

In the Aussie vernacular

Whisky = Scotch

Irish Whisk(e)y = Jameson's [only one regularly seen here]

Bourbon = Beam or JD(Jack Daniels) which would account for 99% of Bourbon drank in Australia. In fact if you ask for a Bourbon and anything, usually coke it will be Jim Beam as the default.  If you want it in a can Bourbon and Cola is generally described as a Woodstock [a brand]

There is a big "Scotch" culture here and most Bars stock a large range of Whisky, including many of the Luxury Brand Blends and Single Malts.

For some reason I have never crossed over to spirits, too many bad Tequila experiences at University I suspect, but I do have many good friends who enjoy their Whisky as much as their wine.

Reply by angelsshare, Mar 11, 2011.

@dmcker, Tennessee whiskey is not my favorite, especially Jack Daniels.  The signature charcoal filtering kills the natural flavor of bourbon, but that is JD's differentiation. There are so many great bourbons to try from Kentucky, such as the Van Winkle collection, the Small Batch Collection from Beam (Bakers, Bookers, Basil Hayden, Knob Creek), and W.L Wellers. If Tennessee would stick to what naturally occurs in the barrel, then they would probably have success as well. I bet JD would be a darn great bourbon too...

@Steven Harvey, I have met several English, Aussies, and Kiwis who all thought that JD was bourbon.  Beam and Jack Daniels have done an amzaing job distributing their products internationally, but they have done a poor job educating the customer on their products.  They have the market cornered (for now), so it hasn't hurt them to let you think you are drinking bourbon (if you are drinking Beam, you are drinking bourbon).  However, some other players are starting to introduce other bourbons internationally (Wild Turkey, Maker's Mark, Four Roses, the "new" Early Times), so people may get educated one way or another.

I always think of  Aussies for drinking cocktails with no ice for some reason.  Is their a reason for that?


Reply by Stephen Harvey, Mar 11, 2011.


Wild Turkey and Makers Mark are on the shelves here but are probably only attracting expat Americans and a few Bourdon devotees.  I did buy my brother in  law a Booker, I think it was described as a single barrel something [pardon my bourbon ignorance].  He told me it was one of the top Bourdons available in Australia

On JD, I don't drink it at al so what is it?

Never noticed the Cocktails without ice, given the hot summers here ice is pretty mandatory in any cold drink, but maybe it is a phenonoma when touring in colder climates - no melting ice to water down the alcohol?

Why don't you give us a run down on the top Bourbons, I am always curious and it heps to know when buying presents. 

Actually some advice on whisky would be interesting too

Reply by angelsshare, Mar 11, 2011.

Mr. Harvey,

Its good to hear they have Bookers down under.  I know Beam Global has been trying to get more bourbon presence in the Asia-Pacific region.  I was in Pune, India this past summer and was able to drink Jim Beam Black (8 year aged Jim Beam, as opposed to 4 year) at several bars and restaurants.  I'm suprised they have the rarer stuff like Bookers too.

By the way, JD is the abbreviation for Jack Daniels.  It is a Tenessee whiskey, not a bourbon.

Run down of my top bourbons:

1.  Pappy Van Winkle 23 yr Family Reserve

2.  Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon 2009 Release

3.  Eagle Rare

4.  W. L. Weller 12 yr Reserve

5.  Elmer T. Lee

As for great value brands, Jim Beam Black and regular Old Forrester are great to share.  A readily available high-end bourbon that I recommend is Knob Creek.  Its aged 9 years, is 100 proof, and smooth as silk.

As far as non-bourbon whiskey, I prefer rye.  Rittenhouse Rye and Sazerac Rye are both great choices, especially when making Manhattan cocktails.  Jim Beam Rye is a good value rye.  I enjoy Scotch as well, but I'm no expert.

I hope this helps.  As you can tell, I love bourbon.  Probably helps that I was born and raised in Louisville....

Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 12, 2011.

I'll weigh in further later--my bourbon drinking is a matter of note in the Bay Area.  But, yeah, Jim Beam Rye is a steal.  Weller was much better imo before they were bought by Buffalo Trace--Centennial (10 yrs 100 proof) was the best thing under cork ever.  (yep, has a cork stopper.) Hirsch in every version is overpriced and overrated--tastes like dry wood to me.  I've got a cabinet that rivals most bars, and currently favor Elijah Craig 12 year old (the 18 is good, but oddly not as good, and more expensive).  Woodford is sweet pap, both before and after they started making it entirely in house.  A luxury brand for people who don't actually like Bourbon.  Eagle Rare is a steal at $20 but not worth $30.  JD is sour mash and NOT bourbon and, imo, crap drunk by insipid rock stars--any whisk(e)y best known for being served with Coca Cola... enough said. Rebel Yell, which has an execrable name but was a Weller product, was better than JD before BT bought them. I can opine on most of Wild Turkey's products and the entire lot of Beam's small batch program (Booker's, Baker's, etc) at a later time. 

Angels Share is a perfect moniker for a bourbon fan--but you know that. If we're ever in the same place, we'll kill a fifth.  Each.

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