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you can try out any winery but not at Fergusson Winery & Restaurant

Posted by ASPL, Jul 12, 2011.

poor customer service towards racism to asian visitor, bad attitude of restaurant servants which will not recommend any single asian to try out this place.


Reply by dmcker, Jul 12, 2011.

Maybe part of the problem was that you were viewing the people working there as 'servants'?

Not that I'm a fan of racism of any sort....

Reply by ASPL, Jul 12, 2011.

ohh im not meant to be rude, our request has been ignored few times, eventhough waving to them, we were like invisible. such arrogant attitude really spoilt our day.

and seems like there was classification on the table arrangement where asian must sit together,we have to squeeze with the other asians Face to Face even there were plently of seats available.

food generally acceptable. customer services resulting truely bad impression to this place.

Reply by NSYX, Jul 12, 2011.

I second with ASPL. I was there too and suffered an act of racial discrimination for the first time. If it is one of those restaurants/wineries that tours bring tourists to, then they should expect asians to be there or they gotta be open to any sorts of customers, if not I dont understand why you open up your winery at all, so please manage your own expectations or staff.

There was absolutely no one who seemed interested in serving us. We were there for awhile before someone actually saw us waving (CMON it was not a very big place and they passed by us so many times). When our food was not served after half hour of waiting, we asked about the food, the staff just curtly and rudely replied us 'can you wait, the cook is preparing the food' with a straight face that made us feel we shouldn't even be asking. Like it or not, racism or not, that is not the way to talk to any customers. And when we asked about our tea, one of them replied with a raised pitch and tone pointing at the scones 'that is the TEAAAA set you ordered', as if we don't understand the 'tea' meaning. Apparently, they didn't read the menu which says it comes with a cup of tea?

Anyway, I didnt think it was racism at first until we went to pay at the counter when the cashier turned a 180degree change of attitude to the caucasian behind us!

In a nutshell, best place for wine im not sure but epitome of racism towards asians.



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