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Posted by Mark Angelillo, Dec 4, 2007.

I hope it isn't news that we value what our users think about Snooth as a product. We love to get emails asking for features -- it means you're interested, it means you're involved, and it means together we can build a better product. There are a lot of things to do with a wine on Snooth -- you can bookmark it, wishlist it, rate it, cellar it, report it... Soon you'll be able to recommend it to a friend...

And then there are some less frequently used but still valuable features for interacting with a wine. For example, let's say you've tried the 2003 vintage of a wine but we only have the 2002 listed. Did you know you could easily add the 2003 vintage to the database using the details from the 2002? You'll find this option and more in the more interactions menu, pictured below.

You can view this menu by clicking the icon. I'm sure we'll be adding additional options into this menu eventually, and who knows, it may even evolve stylistically!


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