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WITS its is

Posted by Philip James, Jul 18, 2007.

Hundreds of wine professionals sat enthralled, yesterday, as a panel of wine futurists waxed poetic about "Wine 2.0 and the Future of the Wine Industry". Somehow I made it onto said panel and was given free reign to tech it up. Apologies to anyone who sat there in abject boredom as I railed on about the importance of data syndication, standard formats and just general, group-hug type, sharing. But, hey, its important stuff!

For those that like this stuff (and it's what keeps Snooth rolling), here's the presentation: Snooth Speaks

When I'm back in New York tomorrow and can see what Mark and the gang have been working on (apparently some sort of 'friends' functionality) I'll give you an update on that.


Reply by gr, Jul 19, 2007.

Those are some excellent Powerpoint stencils you've created there, MBA. ;^>

Reply by gr, Jul 19, 2007.

But, really, I'd like to hear (or read) the meat of this presentation some time. (Always my complaint with just looking at somebody's slides... except the sort that are truly horrible for actual presentation that have ALL the information in the slide. Those aren't presentations, they're short essays.)

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