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wines of Slovenia

Posted by vks, Nov 6, 2009.

I would just like to know if you have tasted Slovenian (Slovene) wines, what you thought about them.
Which you've tasted and any opinions you may have regarding Slovenian (Slovene) wines.

You may also ask questions about Slovenian (Slovene) wines and if I know the anwser I'd gladly reply.


Reply by GregT, Nov 6, 2009.

Are you in the wine business in Slovenia? I actually don't know those wines. I've tasted a lot of Hungarian wine, as well as Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, but no Slovenian that I can recall. I have tasted wines that were raised in Slovenian oak however.

What can you tell us about the wines? We are interested.

Reply by madmanny, Nov 6, 2009.

Weird, we were just talking about this last night. We visited the Vinakoper winery in Rovinj in September and tasted their full line. Didn't care much for the Refrosk (sp?) or the Malvesia (sp?) but really enjoyed the Cab as well as the Cab-Shiraz blend - which was immediately drinkable. Even with the $ slipping, we thought it was a real steal at €8. Now I wish we'd brought back more.

Reply by John Andrews, Nov 6, 2009.

There was a pretty good article in the Wine Spectator last month (or was it two months ago) about a Slovanian wine maker. I think the winery was Movia ... very interesting and has definitely intrigued me about Slovenian wines.

Reply by vks, Nov 6, 2009.

To GregT: I will poste a short "introductory post" soon. Hopefully next week, with some stats about Slovenia as a wine country. p.s.: the answer to the first question is yes. I own the largest wine shop in the capital - Ljubljana, with over 1300 labels(a bit of promotion ;) )

To madmanny: I am happy to hear that you liked their wines. They are the biggest wine cellar in Slovenian Istra and have, arguably, the best slovenian oenologist Iztok Klenar in their cellar. The wines you've tasted are traditional Istrian varieties; found in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Spelling of Refosk is correct, the white was Malvasia - good job on your slovene. Oh yeah and just a small correction; the winery is in Koper (Capodistria in Italian). Rovinj is in Croatia but only 70-80 kilometers from Koper. :)

To HondaJohn: I'm sad I didn't read the article, but if you say it was about Movia wine cellar, we are talking about the most successful Slovene wine maker Aleš Kristančič. The only Slovene to be selected into TOP 100 wines by Wine spectator.

Regarding articles about Slovenian (Slovene) wines, I do recommend that you perhaps also read Britt Karlsson's article and Tom Cannavan's post. It'll help time pass while I compose my post.

Reply by madmanny, Nov 6, 2009.

Oops. Sorry about the geography mistake. We actually walked through the old town of Koper and out the other side to get to the winery. Really enjoyed the visit. They were in the middle of harvest and selling some slightly fermented grape juice along with the other selections.

Reply by vks, Nov 7, 2009.

Slovenia is a small wine country with a interesting mixture of influences and climatic conditions.

In the north eastern wine growing region of PODRAVJE (named after the Drava river), the wines are more Austrian influenced, with desired primary aromas and elegant freshness. This region is currently the dominant region for collection medals at Decanter world wine challenge in London, UK. The wines produced in the region are mostly whites, ranging from dry, fresh to elegant ice wines. Podravje wine growing region is divided into 2 sub-regions: Slovenian Steiermark and Prekmurje. I recommend for this region: a fresh Šipon (Frumint), Sauvignon blanc (with a special elderberry blossom aroma), Rhine Riesling as well as Muscat and Traminer

To the south east there is a wine growing region of POSAVJE (named after Sava river) which is a more minute regarding high quality wine production. This region is mostly known in Slovenia as home to a special blend of white and red grapes called “Cviček”. Cviček is a very special wine not to everyones' taste as it tendts to have high acidity, to 10% alcohol and almost zero sugar. It is one of two wines in the EU that has a special permission to be made from white and red rapes (the other is Chianti). Posavje wine growing region is divided into 3sub regions: Dolenjska (home of Cviček), Bela Krajina (excellent predicate wines) and Bizelje-Sremič region. From this region I recommend Blaufrankisch (wood matured), Traminer (sweet), Laški rizling (Italian or Welsh Riesling in as a predicate wine).

In the western part of Slovenia there is the wine growing region of Primorje (by the sea). It is a region mostly influenced by Italian style of wines (Venezia Giulia, Colio). This region is the biggest in Slovenia for red wine production. From more interesting reds there I recommend Refosk (a traditional Istrian variety), Teran (an indigenous red from Kras) and Barbera. Altough the also produce Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cab.Sau., Syrah and some interesting Pinot Noirs. For the whites I usually recommend more traditional varieties like Pinela, Zelen, Klarnica, Rebula (Ribolla), Tocai Friuliano, Malvasia and Vitovska Grganja. The region is divided into 4 sub-regions: Goriška Brda (an extension of Italian Colio), Vipava valley (most indigeonus varieties), Kras (home of Teran a traditional wine) and Slovenian Istra (Malvasia, Refosk).

Today Slovenia has more than 40,000 wineries making 1 million hl (26.4 million gallons) annually from the country's 24,600 ha (59,300 acres) of vineyards. Lightly putting it Slovenia has vineyards about the same size as Bordeaux with half of the production. The 40.000 wineries are a nice quota for a 2 million population of the country don't you think. :D

Historically Slovenian land has seen viticulture in the Roman times, as it was found on an amfora found in Vače. There it was seen the festivals surrounding wine making and drinking. Wine growing later emerged again during the christening of Slavic settlers in the 14th and 15th Century.

Hope it helps bring Slovenia closer as a wine country.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Reply by vks, Nov 7, 2009.

Some more special Slovenian (Slovene) wine in the USA:
Batičs' Cabernet Franc - also on snooth; barrique Cab Fr with great aromas and rich full body.
Batičs' Pinot Gris - Macertaed and wood treated wine with powerfull aromas.

Sauvignon by Zanut Kocijančič - The most aromatic Slovenian Sauvignon. full body, fresh, my favorite wine for dishes with truffles.

Gamay by Graben Šekoranja - a very fruity Gamay with adistinct aroma of blueberries

Santomas cellars' Vinter's choice - refosk with 2 years in new french oak. The best "single" variety red wine in Slovenia by Jancis Robinson.

Pinot Gris sunshine by Tilia cellar the best fresh pinot gris in Slovenia.

Vinakoper wines are a also very good as madmanny has already reported. I recommend Malvasia, Plemenito belo (white blend 50% malvasia, 35%chardonnay, 10% pinot gris and 5% muscat).

Magna Dominica Ruber by Kogl a Pinot noit and Syrah blend from the north eastern part of Slovenia.

Hope you will try them and post your thoughts here.

Reply by rkellygb, Mar 13, 2010.

Hi all.

I've been reading the posts with interest as I'm getting married in Bled (North West Slovenia) in September and amongst the endless list of tasks I need to complete is the choice of wine. I want to choose local food and wine where possible for an authentic experience. I've arranged an appointment with the sommelier from the hotel we are staying at so that I can sample some options however I'd be interested to hear any suggestions you may have. I need to choose a red and white option that works across a group of 25 guests all presumably with differing palettes!! Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks Rob 

Reply by MijaHeibel, Mar 13, 2010.

Yes, I did try wines from Slovenia. I grew up with them actually, since I am from Slovenia :-)  Since I live now in New Jersey I would be interested to find a local store that sells them. Not easy to find, especially the very best ones....

Reply by zufrieden, Mar 13, 2010.

Slovene wines are still a bit exotic in North America, and production is small.  I must have missed this forum last year somehow.  Great summary of available wines.  Rob - why not send a private message to vks (the originator of the forum) and ask some advice there?

Cheers, and good luck!  

Reply by amour, Mar 27, 2010.

I am suggesting a most intriguing wine, quite appropriate for your wedding.

BATIC Cuvee Micha 2006

It is an interesting harmonious blend of the Pinela (white grape),

Muscat, Rebula, Zelen, Klarnica, Chardonnay.

It is very floral.

The floral aspect represents your bride.

The  wine's harmony,  the quality of a great marriage that lasts and lasts ....FOREVER.


Reply by amour, Mar 27, 2010.

May I add that  BILL CLINTON  appreciated the wines of SLOVENIA.

How do I know ?:  dmcker might just ask!!!(SMILE!)....well, my daughter worked closely with BILL  in the Oval Office and I was encouraged to follow him closely!

(I was on Hillary's campaign but never asked her what she liked....if anything but.....!!!!! OH WELL!!!!!)

The othermuch more important  point, is that I drank a very aromatic YELLOW MUSCAT wine from Slovenia....I am not sure that I liked it that much...CHECK IT OUT.

Reply by amour, Jun 6, 2012.

Any one cares to add some of the wines of Slovenia that are available in the USA?


Reply by Giacomo Pevere, Jun 6, 2012.

I think in Usa you can find some of that wines. Here on Snooth there's some reports.



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