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Wines in your database

Posted by msvenice, Nov 27, 2011.

How do you choose which wines go into your database?  Many of my favorites are not on your list, even when the winery is on the list.  What is your criteria for adding a wine to your database?


Reply by EMark, Nov 27, 2011.


Your question is quite timely.  I can tell you my experience, but more than likely, you will get a more comprehensive response from Chris or Greg or somebody else from Snooth--probably, after the weekend.

Up until the last few days, if you Searched for a winery, off to the right on the response there was a link that said something like "Can't Find What You Are Looking For?"  (I may be wrong on the exact verbiage, but you get the drift.)  Clicking on that link allowed you to enter the wine you could not find by completing a menu of questions--Details on the Label, Type of Wine, Grape Varietal, Region, Vintage Year, . . . .  I've entered maybe a half dozen of these, myself.

Well, a few days ago, the Snooth guys upgraded the Winery Search routine.  They made some nice improvements, but, uh-oh, the link that allowed me to key in a wine was gone.  Snooth has advised that that link will be reinstated. 

In the meantime, however, there is one other thing that I can suggest.  If you cannot find a specific vintage of a particular wine--e.g., you can find the 2006 vintage of Domaine des Schloss Eisenstein, but you are looking for the 2007--click on the "Interact" link under the image for the 2006 entry.  There you will get a menu that will allow you to "Suggest another vintage." 

Reply by Chris Carpita, Nov 28, 2011.

@EMark - great response, thank you.  The link to add a wine does appear when you get no results for a search, but it should always show in a box at the right, and I'm still hunting that code down.  The part about vintages is spot on - the most likely cause of missing wines is that we don't list the newest vintage.

@msvenice - wines in Snooth's database are added by experienced users like EMark, and also our sources for price information, which include and many stores and wineries which provide data feeds to us directly.  This approach leads to a more comprehensive listing of wines that are out there.  Generally we have more of an issue with duplication than missing wines, and we have a team of data experts who comb the database and remove thousands of duplicates every week.  We don't always catch them all, but we've really redoubled our efforts in the last year and will continue to improve at it.

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