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Wines as Gifts

Posted by jamessulis, Apr 11, 2012.

This is a heads up for people buying wine for people who love wine. Why is it that when other folks who know little about wine believe they can go to a store and purchase something that can be enjoyed as a gift for a wine lover. Here's what happens many times. They go shopping for a wine and find the most special one that they can grab. What do they base their pick on?. It's usually something different and remote like a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Russia or a Chianti from Ohio or even worse a Malbec from Japan. This post is to let them know about where the wine regions are and it's where wine is produced at it's best. Here goes: France, Germany, Argentina, California, Oregon, Washington, Australia, Upstate New York, and Italy. Please no more wine from Florida, Illinois and Mexico. Best to know what the person whom you are buying likes by asking prior to shopping. Red or White? Is it for dinner? Whats being served. Go to the wine shop where you can get some answers from someone who knows and base your purchase on what is suggested. Also let the salesperson know what monetary range you would like to be in. Armed with this information you will most likely be able to bring the gift of wine and have it be labeled as a winner.


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