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Wine with Moroccan food?

Posted by Fi81, Feb 4, 2011.


I was hoping someone could help me find a wine that would go with a Moroccan fish stew. Normally, I go by the information on the label, but I've found fewer brands are offering food pairing advice these days. The stew is only midly spicy but there are so many different spices in it, I'm wary of getting it wrong and ruining a good meal! I've included the link for the recipe below, although I usually leave out the honey & add more cayenne pepper. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Reply by GregT, Feb 5, 2011.

I think that would be a great dish right now!  There's not much honey - I think that's probably just to offset the acidity of the tomatoes and maybe underscore the cinammon a tad.  I'd probably put it in and I'd probably use something like orange blossom honey too, just to make it more interesting.  And if  you don't have fish, there's no reason not to use any kind of meat that comes along.  Basically it's just a tomato stew with some nice spices.  So anything that works with tomatos works with it.

Lots of whites could be good - that Zonin Pinot Grigio for example, that people tasted the other night.  That's going to be massacred by the tomatoes and cinammon, but it won't clash.  BTW - I think the fish is going to be massacred by the tomatoes and cinammon too, but so what! 

I'd probably stick with some kind of a dry white.  With tomatoes, sometimes wines with a lot of acidity work - something from Rioja, or old-school Barbera, or something from S Italy, but I'd go with white.  Even a really good super dry Muscat - it's from the Mediterranean region and they come from all over - Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Egypt and Morrocco, if you use orange blossom honey you match the floral component, you get really high acidity in the better ones w no residual sugar, and matter of fact, that's what I was drinking in the S of France last week with all kinds of fish dishes so I can promise you from first hand experience that it works. 

Graillot is making a Syrah in Morocco these days - Syrocco, but I don't see that as a great match with the dish.


Reply by Fi81, Feb 5, 2011.

Thanks, Greg! I hadn't even thought of Rioja. Mmm, I think I'll have to get a bottle tonight. You know, purely for 'research', lol. Thanks too, for the tip about Syrrocco. I love trying new wines, so I'll try to get some for another night. Cheers!

Reply by napagirl68, Feb 5, 2011.

What about a Moroccan tagine with lamb/or beef and prunes/honey?

GregT?  You have such great ideas!

Reply by dmcker, Feb 5, 2011.

For the OP's stew, my immediate reaction is the same southern French whites I'd have with bouillabaise. For the tagine, NG, need more info about the spices and any other ingredient, but the Rhone reds and their varietals, as well as others along the coast towards Spain (including mourvedre) pop to mind first, even if the grenache might actually end up being a garnacha from Spain....

Reply by GregT, Feb 6, 2011.

Yeah, I'd probably go with those too (i.e. the Spanish reds that were brought to the Rhone - things like Garnacha, Monastrell and Carignan!)   But as D says, that dish can be a hard one because the prunes or other fruits tend to have their own profiles and sweetness, and the honey too. Of course, I just like those particular grapes anyhow, so I think they go with anything.  Last night I had a Gigondas with porcini agnolotti, seemed to work.

However, depending on how much alcohol you want, if you're going to be heavy on the honey or fruit, I think a Maury or Banyuls would be spectacular with that dish.  They're based on Garnacha, but they're fortified in the same way Port is, although generally to a lower degree of alcohol.  But they retain the sweetness and fruitiness of Garnacha. 

Reply by duncan 906, Feb 6, 2011.

A pity you cannot find a Moroccan wine.After all,as a former French colony,they do make some nice wines.I went to Morocco once for lunch  and been served them

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Feb 7, 2011.

Tried a Banyals couple of weeks ago and whilst we had it at the end of the night with some cheese [which worked pretty well] I think it would go well with a Moroccan fish stew, particularly to balance the tomato power.

A good young dry riesling should work as the acid should cut nicely through the tomato.  Either Alasation, German or Australian would work

Actually I wonder if a Gewurstraminer or Auslese style Riesling would work, the sweetness might compliment the tomato flavour?

Reply by Dinasore, Mar 12, 2011.

With the cayenne you're adding, what about a Sangiovese, a Barbera, or even a Zinfindel?

Reply by dmcker, Mar 18, 2011.

Sorry, guys, but the idea of a sweet fortified wine with a fish stew gives me the whillies...  ;-)

Reply by lsilvaphoto, Jun 2, 2011.

A Shiraz should be nice!

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