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Posted by JonDerry, Aug 9, 2012.

Have at least a few bottles in mind that I'd like to purchase either before the year is up or at some point in early 2013. I figure this is as good a place as any to write them down, and of course would be interested to hear what you all have in mind to buy soon.

2002 - Shafer Hillside Select - Redd Collection has available for $375.00, and purchase may be used to offset one of their awesome weekly tasting, so please don't buy this. Hoping it's there for me when I can afford to. As I've mentioned many times here, this is the best wine I've ever tasted.

2005 - Chave Hermitage Blanc - Seems like a wine I need to try at least once in a good vintage.

2005 - Chave Hermitage Rouge - Ditto

2005 - Cos D' Estournel - 2005 is the vintage in Bordeaux I want to buy and buy...the 05' Leoville Poyferre got me especially interested in this vintage, and I'm in the process of building a Left Bank horizontal, with the Poyferre, Barton, and Montrose already in stock. After this I'd just need to focus on Paulliac and Margaux, while contemplating whether to include Graves later on.

2008 - Continuum Proprietary Red - I'm also building horizontal's for Napa Cabs & Blends starting in 2006, and this is definitely on my radar for making the best horizontal for 08's (up to $225 range if it's a good year for Shafer, otherwise most labels I'm interested in can be had for $175 and under. Would like to go at least 4-5 deep. Already in stock are Spottswoode Estate, Phelps Insignia, and the Larkmead lineup. Tasting the O'Shaughnessy Howell Mountain this weekend to see if it should also be included. Others of interest: Dominus, Caymus SS

2007 - Napa Cabernet - While we're on the subject...Already have a Dominus, Shafer HSS, Continuum, Dunn HM, Larkmead LMV Salon in stock. Anything I should add? Would love to include the supposed legendary Spottswoode but the cheapest I've seen it go for is $225.00 at Benchmark.

2006 - Napa Cabernet - Currently a little weak here, but I do have the Corison Kronos, Larkmead LMV, O'Shaughnessy HM, and a Phelps Insignia. Seems like this group would be ready to drink in the next year or two. Not sure of what to add, but could use another mountain cab or two to better represent that side, and what was considered a strength in this vintage.

Barolo - I'm ashamed to say there's no Barolo in the cellar, seems to always lose out to Bordeaux blends, and now it has CA Zin and Syrah to conted with. Firmly on my list is the 2004 Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Ca d'Morissio Riserva Monprivato - I've gone so far as to add it to my cellar before getting around to purchasing.




Reply by outthere, Aug 9, 2012.

Hopefully nothing after dropping a months mortgage on Bedrock but I know that will not be the case. The Ceritas release is next week, Ecarpa PN and Porter-Bass Chardonnay.

Basically my goal is to earn enough money to keep up with my wine buying habit. That's in doubt though. ;-)

Reply by JonDerry, Aug 9, 2012.

I noticed that pesky Ceritas e-mail myself today, the question is how to hold off buying the 2010 Escarpa Pinot? Maybe you, Fox, and I can all split a 3-pack.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 10, 2012.

If you guys need to buy three Escarpa PNs to keep your allocation going, I could take a bottle off your hands.  That's in my "really special bottle" price range, but I trust your taste enough to take the flier without tasting it.  I'm going to work out a trip to Siduri and Holdredge soon and might wind up with a few of those PNs as well.   

I'm hoping, once we're over the shock from Europe, probably the end of the year, to replenish my Brunello stock (2004, 2006, and maybe 2007, although I think the bargains will be in the others after the Bordeaux-like marketing efforts laid on the '07s) and maybe scoop up some "value" 2005 Bordeaux--thanks to '09 and '10, those wines, as others have said before, will continue to be "underpriced" relative to value. I don't want to accumulate too much wine that needs time in the basement, because I want to stay light on my feet and conserve the little bit of space I have. That makes the '04 Brunellos and '05 Bords attractive--many are ready to drink now even if they could age quite a while longer.

I have my favorites, but I'm an opportunistic buyer when it comes to, well, everything.  The only thing I wouldn't compromise on was a wife--which is why I married late. Seems like the market for Cal Cab mini-cults has kind of settled down and shaken out --bye bye Altus, Phelan, and a host of others--and the remaining players are not exactly bargains.  Oh, well, lots of '04 to '06 obscure, small, mountain producers already in the basement at prices I could really enjoy.  But there's still some backstock out there on the 2007s (I have doubts about the age-worthiness, but we'll see) and I'll just wait till I see another deal like that Ramey Larkmead.  I'll also keep my eyes out for some of my older favorites from good vintages at auction/resale from cellar.  I wouldn't mind landing another 2001 Montelena Estate, our anniversary wine, and maybe some older Dunn or Mayacamas or even Mondavi Reserve if I can get a decent price.  But the market knows how to price those pretty well.

I'm going to check on some of my 2009 CdP and compare it to the 2007s--the hype machine is also in force for the '10 S. Rhones, and I happen to like the '09s I have had and think good examples could be a relative bargain.  (At $40, Vieux Lazaret Cuvee Exceptionnelle seems like a near bargain to me.) Plus the euro is weak, isn't it?

Jon, I take it you didn't grab any of that Aldo Conterno Barolo?  Not the most exotic thing, but some spectacular deals and you, more than I, can expect to live long enough to get some of them at their peak. I had terrific Nebbiolo from Ghemme--24 euros a bottle for a well aged bottle from a great vintage (2004).  I don't think that you have to buy into the Barolo brand, especially for short term enjoyment.  That's a hair over $30 and that's a weekend bottle even for a scavenger like me--not a special occasion/put it in the museum piece.  Like I said, I'm not looking to cellar things as much now. So I'm kind of hoping to stumble into more stuff like that--and be less concerned that I have to have THAT wine in my cellar.

My other wish list for wine is that I have the opportunity to continue to learn from some of my favorite winemakers and merchants.  I'm going to work on snagging a vineyard visit to a favorite winery that doesn't do tours or have a tasting room, and I'm definitely making the next open house at Scherrer. I'll hang out at Mauritson and Talty as much as I can, and my wife says we have a weekend at the home of some guy in Napa who makes cult cab from his estate grapes. 

Oh, and if Garagiste actually ships the wine that shows "shipped " in their database, I'll be lousy with CdP, Brunello, and some other things so I won't have too much to wish for.


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