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Wine vs. My Couch

Posted by akops41, Mar 13, 2008.

Who's brilliant idea was it to get a beige couch???? Yes, its a "hip" and versatile color. Looks nice with most accent colors and really makes a room pop. It also makes people believe I've got some style. But it shows dirt and stains like you wouldn't believe. And, yes, I admit it. I'm quite the clumsy one. Especially if you feed me alcohol.

I love my couch - it was a college graduation gift from the ol' grandmother. It's comfy and does the job. But man, I have spilled more cabernet on that thing in the last few years than I'd like to admit. I could probably add many more wines to "My Wines" simply by flipping over the cushions and reminiscing. And other than the famous "flip the cushion" trick, I've never quite gotten my wine mishaps to disappear.

On clothing, wine stains are easy to get out. White wine on top of the red wine stain works. Immediate Shout and a rinse in the sink works. Even rubbing the stain with the floor cleaner Lestoil works like a charm. But lets see someone try to put my 84 inch long Jennifer Convertibles couch under my bathroom faucet. Not so easy now, huh?

I've thought of the no-red-wine-near-the-couch rule, but thats no fun. Then's there's the no-stemware-on-the-couch rule, but then the new found stylishness I've gained from owning said couch is negated. There are always plastic couch covers, but I am not living in the 50s. Or in that vacuum cleaner commercial. None of these seem to give me the opportunity to enjoy wine and my couch at the same time, thus making them unacceptable.

Are there any other quick fixes for my problem? Ive got the expensive couch cleaners on speed dial, but I'd prefer not to spend my life savings on washing overstuffed seating. And don't say I should get a Tommee Tippee cup.


Blog comment by Chris, Mar 13, 2008.

How about cushion slipcovers of the same color with waterproofing on the inside? Or, you cover the whole couch with something like this:

I've gotten a couch slipcover before, and they can be quite stylish. Cheaper to replace a $60-80 cover than the native couch-fabric.

Reply by Philip James, Mar 13, 2008.

There's always Wine Away (, which you can buy in industrial size containers. I've not used it myself, but the web address imlpies that it will work.

and i thought your piece today was going to be about our nice new office chairs...

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Mar 13, 2008.

Clearly the solution is to splash more wine on the couch in decorative patterns. Not that I should actually endorse such wasteful practices.

Blog comment by Clint, Mar 13, 2008.

You should get a Tommee Tippee cup.

Blog comment by Gary, Mar 14, 2008.

The University of California - Davis (Dr. Andrew Waterhouse & Natalie Ramirez) did a study a few summers ago on getting out red wine stains. Erado-Sol (a.k.a. Stain Rx) beat Wine Out, Wine Away, salt, Sauvignon Blanc, Spray 'n Wash and other remedies on cotton, nylon, silk and polyester/cotton blend. It was the best ready to use product in their testing. I have been using it since the 1960’s.

Stain Rx® is Erado-Sol® packaged for home/office/travel use. As Erado-Sol it has been sold to doctors, hospitals and industrial laboratories for their toughest stains; iodine, blood, biological stains, etc. since 1963. We even sell it in 55 gallon drums to some of our customers. Lab techs started taking Erado-Sol home with them for their problem stains and their laundry. We now package it as Stain Rx and Erado-Sol.

Beside red wine, it also removes: fruit punch, beets, gravy, tomato sauce, vanilla extract, berries, iodine, blood, Betadine, Hibiclens, cranberry juice, mascara, coffee, tea, grass, dirt ... just by adding a small amount Stain Rx to the stain, massaging the stain and laundering.

Stains such as, grape juice, balsamic vinegar, lipstick and yellow mustard come out by adding a small amount Stain Rx to the stain, massaging the stain, rinsing and then soaking the stain in a bit of Stain Rx for up to 1 hour and then laundering.

On August 3, 2007 we received independent lab results on red wine stain removal by Stain Rx:

1. Ages of red wine stains: 5 minutes, 4 hours and 24 hours.

2. Materials stained (4 samples): 100% cotton fabric, 65% cotton / 35% polyester blend fabric, 57% cotton / 43% polyester blend upholstery fabric and Olefin carpet.


Thank You,
Gary Gold
Cambridge Diagnostic Products, Inc

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