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Posted by WineGeekJen, Aug 18, 2010.

This weekend I got a pretty wicked cut on my thumb from some wine foil.  I'm sure between flying champagne corks, wicked wine openers and broken glasses all wine lovers get injuries from time to time. So what is your best wine war story?


Reply by hhotdog, Aug 19, 2010.

WGJ...riedel glasses.  have broken more than i would like to admit.  stopped buying them but keep getting them as gifts!  ahhhh!!!  went to shake out some drops of water after hand washing a cab only tapped the spout.  shattered all over.  they are way too delicate. cut my hand good!!  should have gotten stitched up.  nothing like duct tape over a bandage!!  at work it is the only way to keep the bandage together!

have had the foil slice myself. ouch!!!

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Aug 19, 2010.

Being invited to a new friends house and late in the evening whilst engaged in some interesting and animated debate, knocking a full glass of red over with an ill timed hand gesture.  The carnage included:

  1. Spilling a very good cabernet
  2. breaking a brand new Riedel glass
  3. soaking a white table cloth
  4. staining the hosts white desiner skirt and top
  5. marinating at least three peoples cheese dishes
  6. incurring untold wrath from my wife [it was her new friend!!!] for being a clumsy big mouth drunk and totally destroying a very pleasant evening
Reply by Hawk101, Aug 20, 2010.

A couple of years ago while at a wine tasting/charity fund raiser, a mutual friend introduced me to the lead of a favorite television series.  I excitedly thrust my hand forward to shake hands thereby smacking his wine glass full on emptying its contents all over his shirt.  He was extremely gracious, took it with great humor but my ego suffered some damage that evening.

Reply by StevenBabb, Aug 20, 2010.

the foil on a bottle of taylor fladgate sliced right through the pad of my index finger.... thats my most recent carnage... a bottle of falenghina broke the hinge on my wine key lastnight at work... proud to say that i didn't lose/break the cork, but another wine key gets laid to rest....

Reply by hhotdog, Aug 22, 2010.

oh man i totally forgot!!! comes a bit of a long story...sorry in advance! 

a few years back i went to visit friends in Paris.  they were going to be out the night i got in.  went to their apartment with a bottle or two of some cotes du rhone.  well not more than two glasses into the wine and...boom!  i fell asleep and tipped the glass!!  white couch...half a glass of red wine on the couch and my lap!!  i was in a nightmare!!!   mind you i was on quite a long flight...worked the night before at the restaurant...and had just about two glasses of wine.  just enough to put me on quite the sleepy side.  well, the contrast of red wine on white couch cushions was mind blowing!  panic was an understatement!!  i tried soaking it up by blotting with a towel to little or no effect.  thought about just turning the cushins...guilt was just too much!  so with about two hours left before they return i remembered someone saying womething about white wine taking out red wine stains?  so a bottle of white it was!!!  took off the cushions and to the sink to soak in white wine.  after about tow bottles and several cold rinses i could barely see the stan at all!!!  so i took them to the balcony and hung them to dry for about a half an hour.  took them in and back to the couch they went.  i did flip the cushions for good measure!  they never noticed!

  the day before i left i did tell them about the horrible mishap and they were sooooo understanding.  i told them how bad i felt and to have it dry cleaned. i asked them to do whatever it takes to have it cleaned and to send me the bill.  it looked so good they were very satisfied with my white wine cleaning method that it was just finethe way it was!  they have used the white wine method on red wine stains since then and we have a good laugh about from time to time.  great freinds and a good ol' story from the whole mess!! 

Reply by dmcker, Aug 22, 2010.

I've seen some nasty cuts and burns from improper (aka inexperienced) use of port tongs around a fireplace. Then there's always fools during a wasted youth who traded macho displays of beer bottletop removals using teeth. Always someone in the group who didn't have the technique down and had to visit the dentist the next day.

Anyone have any stories about 'sabering' champagne necks?

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