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Wine on a Diet (sigh)

Original post by Erica Landin, Aug 14, 2012.

Well if THAT's not the most boring topic I have started... but after a summer of excess (or actually, a couple of years) I've got to buckle down and get in shape. I've decided to follow a low-carb diet called "Paleo" or "caveman diet". Basically it's all about cooking from scratch with veggies, nuts, meat and very limited dairy and fruit. No grains. It works like any GI-diet - less carbs makes you less hungry and more satisfied, and you burn stored fat instead. Great so far.

But... Alcohol is a no-no on most diets including this one. It's got a decent amount of calories... A dry wine provides very little carbs but still a decent amount of calories, and the alcohol blocks the liver from converting fat to glucose until it's done processing.

However, I LOVE WINE! I DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT UP! Let's be honest: not a chance.

So, my question is: those of you who have spent some time losing weight in your life, how has drinking wine affected weight loss? Do you have any tricks or tips? Has a few glasses a week been ok or is it all or nothing?Any thoughts or inspirations on how to have my cake (well, wine) and eat it are highly appreciated.

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Reply by Adam Jefferson, Oct 8, 2012.

I haven't checked the thread in some time but Erica, you hit the nail on the head with: "when I cut the carbs, my sugar cravings go and I aquire that amazing thing called "self control" (now where have YOU been all my life)."  Friends of mine who drop wine for Lent report losing little to no weight on account of it, but I have yet to hear of anyone who cut refined sugar and wheat products (including whole wheat) from their diets without significant weight loss.  I recently read a facinating book by an MD which devoted significant space to discussing the impact which a diet high in wheat has on cravings, and it confirms what you summarized.  By doing what you are, which is to eat meat, fruit, vegetables and greens in abundance, you're probably leaving plenty of room for some wine calories in the day. 

Reply by Terence Pang, Oct 8, 2012.


as others have pointed out, the most effective part of your diet is actually the introduction of exercise, even if it is walking an extra mile or two, taking the stairs instead of the lifts. Gym-ing or running might be a big turn off for some, but I'd really advocate giving them a right good go. You'll find that within 2-3 weeks, your appetite would have ramped up as your physiology adjusts to the increased energy demands.

Definitely for got low GI foods, sweet potato is great to quench that hunger at a main meal. I would recommend having 5 small meals throughout the day (I love my morning and arvo tea breaks) in favour of substantial lunch/dinner. A sudden switch to caloric restriction is basically starving yourself without the opportunity for your body to gradually adjust, and that's not ideal. Increasing your physical activity is a 'metabolic reason' to change your dietary needs. The caloric value of alcohol is grossly underestimated, and it impedes the process of weight loss. But I reckon one a day is reasonable enough.. it's a diet, not torture!~

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