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Wine Now Cheaper than Gas! DRINK, DON’T DRIVE!

Posted by Petar Kirilov, May 9, 2012.

Gas prices have already cracked $4 in most of the U.S. states, and some experts are predicting they could skyrocket to $6 by the summer. There a many ways to save on gas one of which is to enjoy a glass of wine with family and friends and don't drive.



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Reply by JonDerry, May 10, 2012.

I wish this were true, but in fact wine is much more expensive than gas. At least, the stuff I care to drink is.

Don't forget, standard size bottles are less than a liter, far less than a gallon.

Reply by duncan 906, May 10, 2012.

There are 4.54 litres to an imperial gallon [a US gallon is slightly smaller] so that means a gallon is approximately 6 bottles of wine or just over.I do not think that even the cheapest wine can be had for 5-6 US dollars per case.Petrol in Britain and Euope is sold by the litre rather than the gallon.This change was made several years ago in order to avoid having to re-calibrate or replace all the petrol pumps as the price rose inexorably skywards.The price here today in the UK is between £1.40 and £1.50 PER LITRE  so I do not think you Yanks have got it too bad.

Reply by Craig Bilodeau, May 10, 2012.

Ouch!  £1.50 per liter?  Prices like that would definitely encourage "Yanks" to get off their butts and do a lot more walking and bicycling!

Reply by duncan 906, May 11, 2012.

The current rate of exchange is around one dollar 60 cents to the pound.The other thing to remember is that most of the price is tax in some form or other rather than profit for the petrol stations.There is very little money to be made out of selling petrol because it is so competitive which is why petrol stations all sell other items such as confectionary,car accesories,groceries,soft drinks.magazines and newspapers and winef

Reply by dmcker, May 11, 2012.

Think the oil companies (including refineries, petrochemical firms and the construction and services industries and governmental arms supporting them) might be doing OK, though.

Also thinking of all that great food and wine they sell at those service stations. Civilization is making great advances!

Perhaps, Craig, $10/gallon is required to motivate faster progress in development and productizing machines that run on alternative sources. A radical jump like that might just be what it takes to wean people from carbon fuel overreliance, leading to subsequent derailment of those oil firms and their constituents. Seems like some quick pain followed by solid recovery is better than the ongoing just-short-of-death-of-a-thousand-cuts (in all its ramifications, not just at the gas pump) that the oil industry has perfected over the past century.

Oh wait, wasn't this a wine forum? Guess I should only talk about biodynamic farming techniques and alternative transport methods for the grapes and wine...  ;-)



Reply by Petar Kirilov, May 11, 2012.

The Idea here is to share a decent bottle of wine at that price range $4-$6, so if anyboddy have that expirience please let us know!



Reply by dmcker, May 11, 2012.

But that's not how you presented it, Petar!  Thus the ensuing discussions.... 

That price range is the absolute lowest of the low where I am in Japan, with veeery few options. Only some mass-bottled so-called tempranillo or garnacha from Spain and who-knows-what from Umbria. Very hard to find at that, actually, and not carried by 99% of the merchants in Tokyo. One of the tempranillo options is drinkable if allowed a few hours of air, but the rest is crap, whether at original bottling or from rough transport and storage.

Plus public travel by train is cheap and convenient, thus the whole premise of your argument is out the window....   ;-)

Reply by Michael C Butler, May 11, 2012.

That's expensive!

Reply by duncan 906, May 13, 2012.

Dmucker and Peter

                    You guys have obviously never beenn to the town of Calais where you could easily obtain a reasonable bottle of wine for under 5 euros.Try or .When I go to Europe I usually visit a hypermaerket called the Auchan on the way back.Some of their wine prices can be seen at hope all the American wine-lovers on this site are not jealous!

Reply by dmcker, May 13, 2012.

Duncan, been to many places in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. where there's wine cheaper than that. Bring-your-jugs-and-turn-the-tap fillup stations, even (not for gas, but for wine), separate from by-the-bottle.

Just was talking about what's available on the market in Japan.  ;-(

And yeah, I'm jealous (at least as regards wine prices)!

Reply by duncan 906, May 15, 2012.

In Calais the Auchan has the widest selection although only a small proportion has made it to their wwebsite

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