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Wine fanatic from the states living in Spain

Posted by davestone04, May 13, 2009.

Hi everyone, my name is Dave Stone and I love wine! Until August, I'm living and interning for a small software company on the amazing island of Tenerife, largest of the seven Canary islands. I've found Spanish wine to everything I expected and more - literally. In a number of bars, you can order a tinto (glass of the house red) and receive a small tapa at no extra cost! If you have any questions about Spanish wine, please ask away. I look forward to connecting with many of you!



Reply by dmcker, May 13, 2009.

Welcome to Snooth!

So what are the wines of the Canaries like?

Reply by Degrandcru, May 13, 2009.

Bienvenidos Dave. I myself lived in Madrid, Spain for a year (about 12 years ago). Since then I am very much into Spanish wine myself, especially Rioja an Ribeira del Duero, and with seafood wines from Galicia (Rias Bajas) are hard to beat. Hope you have the time to travel around and see the wine regions of spain.

By the way, the word tapas comes from "tapar" (to cover) and it was a law in Spain once that every alcoholic drink has to be covered with food when served, so the marineros wouldn´t get too drunk. That´s at least what I´ve been told and the story makes perfect sense to me. Saludos!

Reply by davestone04, May 14, 2009.

Perfect explanation on the origin of tapas...that's what I've heard too. From the rude bartenders who act much busier than they actually are, to the collection of used napkins thrown on the floor near the bar (to be swept up at the end of the night), the Spanish tapa experience, especially in Madrid or San Sebastian, is unforgettable.

As for Canarian wine, I can't speak for the other islands, but I know Tenerife has its act together. There are 5 unique D.O. wine producing regions on this tiny island, and thanks to the giant volcano, El Teide, the variable climate of each region make for distinctive wines. The most developed and largest region is the Tacoronte-Acentejo, where the tourist-friendly Casa Del Vino La Baranda is located.

It's a cozy place, includes a tasting room, restaurant and wine museum. I made a trip up there a few weeks ago and found the Tacoronte reds to be pretty strong and intense. Maybe had some red berries and spices on the nose. Some say that the Listan Negro grape (used in most of the Tacorontes) has been compared to the Tempranillo...and I can see the connection. Both are actually black grapes that result in strong ruby colored, full-bodied and delicious wines.

Reply by travelbear10, Jul 24, 2011.

I am planning a trip to Madrid and Barcelona in October and wonder if there are a few red and a few white(dry) wines you would recommend I look for when out in the cafes/bars?  How about some cavas?  Is it better to buy carafes, bottles or just by the glass?  I would like to keep to wines priced below $50US/bottle.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Jeff (

Reply by spikedc, Jul 24, 2011.

Ola Dave, if you are still around !

Coming from a Spanish background (from both my wife and myself) i can vouch for the quality of  Spanish wine and food. A good bottle of Rioja and Tapas is hard to beat.

Not been to the Canaries, my brother worked in Tenerife for a couple of years in Los Cristianos but we never got around to visiting.


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