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Wine delivery

Posted by Davidstaubin, Apr 29, 2014.

Hi all I drink wines please help in changing Massachusetts law so we can enjoy all the worlds wines that we can not have usps or ups or fed exec in









Reply by dvogler, Apr 29, 2014.


I'm in Canada, but have the same problem (in British Columbia) In Alberta, you can have wine shipped.

I have a bottle of Angelica Zapata in Boston that a guy brought back from South America and he can't ship it out of MA.  I'll think of something!!!

Reply by duncan 906, Apr 30, 2014.

I always thought that America was the land of free enterprise but apparently not. We have no such problems here in the UK

Reply by dvogler, Apr 30, 2014.

Duncan, it's a state by state thing.  Most states allow shipment of wine, but Massachusetts isn't one.

Reply by Mmaietta, May 6, 2014.

I know that they are working on it and have been for quite a while.  When I lived there I sent the "Free the Grapes" form letter to the AG as often as possible.  

I think last week they passed a budget and moved the needle forward a bit.   MA is the largest state that doesn't allow shipment and they are the 7th largest state for wine consumption.  To not allow and pass up revenue is typical MA.  

Reply by jtryka, May 7, 2014.

In some cases it's not a state thing, even though it's a state thing.  What I mean is that some states might allow wine shipments, but require registration with the state authorities in order to do so.  Some wineries will do that while others don't do enough business in that state to be bothered.  I used to live in Michigan and it seemed everyone could ship there, but now I live in Indiana, and some wineries will ship here while others won't.  When I asked the response was that it depended on where they were licensed, and many wineries use an outsourced licensing agent that only includes certain states and would charge extra for additional states.  Thankfully I live near the border and can have things shipped to friends in Michigan to work around this.

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