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Wine Art at Centre Pompidou

Posted by Richard Foxall, Aug 10, 2012.

So, been meaning to post this picture for a while, but I was inspired to do something after the article about DIY cork and bottle crafts... which was not my favorite article and in fact kind of disappointing, since the author avoided anything that sounded difficult.  Geez, my kids can make a cork trivet! 

Anyway, we were in Europe (okay, enough already, I know) on a supposedly non-wine vacation, but it just seemed like everywhere we went, wine related stuff popped up. So when we went to Beaubourg (Centre Georges Pompidou), the big modern art museum, and went up a few floors on those nutty outside elevators, I shouldn't have been surprised to see, when we first went back in, this:

Can't remember the name, so anyone who recognizes it, help me out, but it's made of something like 44,000 foil wine capsules!  Every bottle had to be consumed, no cheating.

Now that's an accomplishment.


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