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Posted by guest, Jun 16, 2009.

Wine: 2008 Manu Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Year: 2008
Wine Label: Manu
Wine Style: Sauvignon Blanc
Wine Region: Marlborough, NZ

I picked up a bottle of the Manu Sauvignon Blanc a few weekends ago from a local wine shop called Vintage Berkeley  - it was new and had descriptor “serviced chilled and have with Oysters”. My wife asked I pick up a decent bottle of white to compliment the meal we were having that night (Halibut) and this sounded like it could fit the part. Both of us LOVED this wine, which I picked up for $14 (I see it listed on Snooth for as low as $9.95). I picked up another bottle of white for approximately the same price that day and looking back, I wish I had purchased two of the Manu. This wine is refreshing, bright and zesty with an herbaceous, fruit forward appeal. It was great with dinner, and even with the Pineapple sorbet desert which we enjoyed following our meal.  The Manu brand was founded by New Zealand winemaker Steve Bird with help from “purveyor” David Duckhorn. “Manu” is the Maori (indigenous people of New Zealand) word for both Bird and Kite. This wine is an exemplary wine which does demonstrate the greatness of what New Zealand’s Marlborough region has to offer and which was a pleasant compliment to an early spring weekend evening.

Album: The Nest And The Skull

Artist: Ultre
Music Year: 2009
Music Label: Audiobulb Records
Music Style: Electronic
Music Region: United Kingdom

Ultre is a UK based artist of Irish decent, who makes great electronic music which is sourced from analog sounds and then combined to “compose” the tracks which are found on this album. Crafted from guitar, piano, electronics and homemade beats, Ultre’s second album is an elegant, bold & extravagant example of modern composition. There is an absence of Digital Signal Processing & effects within the music which provides an incredibly organic appeal. As with the Manu Sauvignon Blanc, this song (and the entire Ultre album)” is a refreshing, bright and zesty foray into modern production. I discovered Ultre about 3 months ago and have been listening to this album non-stop since that time. I have been waiting to find the perfect wine to match with this album, and when I had the Manu SB I knew I had found my match.

This album and this wine are a perfect way to welcome the warmer weather into the San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere else for that matter.

Track: ultre_peace-corpse.mp3
Artist Website

Adam Rabinovitz is Senior Director of Retail Marketing at IODA , the global leader in digital distribution, marketing, and technology solutions for the independent music industry. IODA distributes music from over 4000 labels, representing over 50 different countries and over 170 different genre styles.


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