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WIne and Movies

Posted by Stephen Harvey, Oct 28, 2010.

Everyone must have had a great wine and movie moment, a night at home [or soemwhere] where you watched a movie and drank a bottle of wine that just....well made the experience.

I have wached many great movies at the cinema without a glass and of course the cinema is the optimal palce for pure movie enjoyment, but like many experiences we have it is the total package.

I have a some examples, many of mine are when I am alone, which reflects a busy life and three children whose existence has dominated our lives over the last 24 years and I have many great friends to share many great experiences.

My all time favourite movie is Apocalyse Now.  A year ago I was working at our beach house and after a day of serious pruning, digging, cleaning, weeding etc etc, we had a great piece of steak for dinner but my wife and daughter wanted to watch a girlie movie [the usual someone falls in and out of love, much tragedy, tears, making up, more tears, great ecstacy amongst the girls as they derive joy from crying] man I still don't get it!!!

So down to the dungeon, I find a CD with Apocalypse Now.  The remainder of a 2008 Grosset Riesling from Clare and a 1998 Penfolds Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon. Don't you "Love the Smell of Cabernet in the Evening"

Then in almost similar circumstances - Matrix [I hate watching movies with people who ask questions - what do they mean by the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?}

Matrix is mind blowing  - this night I had a pint of Guinness Lager followed by a bottle of 76 Chateau Reynella Vintage Port and man did that and Matrix blow my mind.

But life is not complete without comedy - Monty Python and the Life of Brian!!  He's not the messiah, he's just a naughty boy!!!  What a fantastic finish - the cast nailed on crosses singing "always look on the bright side of life - uh huh uh huh" and whistling.  Me and 4 mates and their twenty year old sons - having devoured a herd of suffolk lamb and dented the global oversupply of wine, dancing and singing to the same approximate tune on Petaluma Shiraz from the Adelaide Hills.

All great moments combining two great pastimes, wine and movies. 

Please share yours




Reply by dmcker, Oct 28, 2010.

Life of Brian sounds good. Watched Monty Pithon & the Holy Grail with my elder daughter as we consumed two bottles of syrah, one from Chalone and the other from Neyers (liked the Neyers better). No singing during or after but did spend the next few hours chanting 'Nin' at each other on the silliest excuses.

Apocalypse Now and Matrix were excuses at earlier, sillier stages of my life for other substances. Beer and wine chasers, but....

My third viewing of Sideways (his second) I watched with my brother. Since we grew up in that area we did a lot of stop, rewind to guess actual areas filmed, pauses to annotate with experiences we'd had in the same places, fueled by a bottle each of Au Bon Climat, Sea Smoke (both pinot noir) and, yes, Cheval Blanc, provided by me. Listed in reverse order of like. And since we were also smoking, the whole experience got a little silly by the end.

Then there was an old girlfriend named Debbie, two bottles of La Grande Dame, a tin of beluga, a hotel room and a copy of that old nugget Debbie Does Dallas....

Glad this site is for people over 21... ;-)

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