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Wine and Cheese Party

Posted by biggredd, May 15, 2013.

I am thinking i should select cheeses and then have guests bring the wine or vice versa? Your ideas are greatly appreciated



Reply by GregT, May 15, 2013.

Funny thing is, wine and cheese isn't always such a great match. However, I think it depends on your guests. If you list a few cheeses, will they know those cheeses?

Or conversely, if you tell them what wines you're having, will they know the wines?

If not, tell them to bring a cheese or a wine and then you guys taste them with each other and see which combo people seem to like. 


Reply by Kerryloves2travel, May 15, 2013.

I had a cheese tasting party and served different wines. My husband thought it was weird to have cheese as the main course, so we added lamb lollipops as a finger food. Had a nice tossed greens salad with olive oil & lemon juice to cleanse. Served a variety of breads, seeded crackers, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate. etc.

Even a special fig jam that went with cheeses. Whole Foods has a nice selection of these items.

Like anything, taste and pairings is an individual thing> For fun we took notes and someone would say- try the zin with the such & such cheese & then take a sip of wine again with chocolate. They would share their favorite combos.

We mainly stuck to red wines, Zin, Syrah, Pinot.

It was a HUGE hit & everyone is asking if we can do it again.


Reply by biggredd, May 16, 2013.

I do like the idea of giving the guest the choice to bring either a wine or cheese or maybe both if they know of a good pairing.  And also will provide as advised breads, etc

Are there must pairings just because.....anyone?.  

Reply by napagirl68, May 19, 2013.

Ok, this is one of my pet peeves... that there isn't more specific wine/cheese parings.  Yes, GregT, it is not always a great marriage, but if one loves wine, and loves cheese, and wants to nibble with his/her wine at times- it would be great to have a guide.

Here is very general guidance from Laura Werlin, one of my fav cheese ladies.  This is from her website, the link follows.  You have to get her book for specifics:

• White wines work better with most cheeses. Most people don't like to hear this, but I promise you, it's true.
• The texture of cheese influences your wine choice. That is, a light cheese goes best with a light wine just as a more full-bodied cheese will go with a full-bodied wine.
• Fruity wines, white or red, go better with cheese.
• Sweet wines, sparkling wines, and older red wines go well with cheese too.
• To pair cheese with big, bold red wines, make sure to choose a well-balanced semi-hard cheese, such as the cheddar made by Fiscalini Farms in California or Cabot Clothbound from Vermont.

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