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Posted by Philip James, Sep 22, 2008.

Last week was the Web 2.0 conference in New York, and Thursday night was the Wine 2.0 event in Webster Hall. It was always going to be a long week of meetings and events - New York doesn't host that many tech or wine events, and so, when we do, we make up for lost time.

Firstly kudos to Smoke Wallin, Cornelius Geary and the rest of the Wine 2.0 crew for organizing such a great event. There were well over 1,000 attendees and a slew of winemakers, VCs, Wine 2.0 companies and a few internet celebrities walking around. I certainly saw Time Oreilly (the man who invented the term Web 2.0 i do believe), Dennis Crowley (founder of Dodgeball), Alex Iskold (founder of Adaptive Blue) and best of all, some of the folks from the much loved I Can Has Cheezburger !

Half the crowd were everyday folks, not in the industry, but with a passion for wine. And, I really was impressed with how knowledgeable and geeky they were. I saw several people studiously tapping wine tasting notes into their iPhones (we do that here at Snooth, sure, but I didnt realize that there were others out there just like us). So to the people who taxed us with tough questions and outlandish feature requests - thanks for keeping us on our toes!

That night was the official demo of the Snooth Pulse map program - it was a huge draw, and, as the guy who put it together, Chris got to walk away with a Fusebox as a token of admiration from the good folks at Crushpad.

I made it my mission of the night to meet all the other Wine 2.0 technology companies - our direct competitors. I was very excited to finally meet Eric Orange from Local Wine Events and Jason Coleman of Winelog . I also had the good fortune to meet the team from Cruvee , Roger Marmet from Wine Taste TV , the Wine Snob ( link to apple's download store ) team as well as others who've become friends over the years.

The result of all this is that I hope there will be increased collaboration between companies within the industry. That's ultimately the second biggest reason that I like events like these: it allows (with a little help from a few glasses of wine) competitors to say hi to each other, to look past the immediate rivalry and to see the long term partnership potential.

And the primary reason I like these events? Its the battle hardened consumers. Clearly! Those that walk up to us and give us 30 seconds to wow them with what we're trying to achieve. You're the crowd that keep us plugging away.


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