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Posted by ElizabethCain, Jan 21, 2013.

I am looking for any wine industry related internships for this summer. I am a bit new to this but LOVE learning everything I can. I frequent many wine tastings, read blogs, magazines, pretty much soaking in everything I can get my hands on. I am very fascinated with the culture and experiences in the wine business. Looking into ISG, WSET and other certs. I am interested in production and also tasting rooms. I live in SW Florida right now but absolutely willing to move anywhere. I am graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Business this May and am ready to start working! 

Please let me know if you can lead me into some sort of direction!


Reply by PrincessJoanne, Jan 21, 2013.

Hey I just joined here too ... and am in SE Florida (South Miami, to be specific). Unfortunately, I can't point you anywhere specifically but I have a friend (in Jacksonville) that took the first Sommelier exam and passed it (but doesn't have any college experience) and hasn't yet done much of anything in the wine business. 

Anyway, I was living in Boston (and dating a guy who taught me pretty much all that I know about wine - he worked in a wine shop for a few years, a fancy cheese shop (where wine is VERY important), and in various service positions in restaurants and also studied extensively on his own. We went to a ton of wine tastings in and around Boston and we occasionally we would find a very nice, friendly person who was on the other side of the table - and we got quite a few business cards for our friend (who was planning on moving to Boston at the time) and was told that he should just give them a call or an email and they would help him out. 

So, if you don't get anything promising from this post or elsewhere - that'd be a good place to start - just going to tastings, asking a lot of questions as well as voicing your own opinions (to the right person) may get you an internship or something with one of the local distributors/importers. 

Also, there's a Winery in Homestead - Schnebly's - they make wines out of fruit - I've tried two of them and they're surprisingly good. My favorite of those that I've tried is their Cat 2 Hurricane White (which is made from Avocado and Coconut). They sell their wines at Publix and Walgreens (which is where I surprisingly came upon a tasting - one of the last things that I expected to encounter at Walgreens) - which is where I tried the two wines that they were offering (the other was the Cat 3 Hurricane, which was also good ... the guy who was doing the tasting let me taste both of them twice because I was having a hard time deciding which one I liked better but I finally decided on the Cat 2 and bought a bottle of that). Anyway, he told me a bit about their winery - they just put in a brewery and are now making beers (though I think you can only get them at the winery for now). Apparently, the place is beautiful (a very close friend of mine attended a wedding there and said it was gorgeous) and they have tours and tastings and nighttime events that look really fun and I've been wanting to take a trip down there to check it out for months now ... now that the weather is cooling down a bit, its probably the perfect time ... and it'd be a great place for you to visit (purely for knowledge and also potentially for work). Here's a link to their website: 

If you're interested, I'd love to go down there or to any other interesting tastings in the area - I recently moved back down here to stay with my parents for a while and most of my friends have moved away and the ones that are left aren't into wine at all - and I miss going to tastings and learning about and drinking wine (especially with someone who isn't just drinking it to get drunk!).

I don't even know if they have any kind of private messaging system on here (if they do and you are interested in going somewhere together than message me) - but I'll check back on this post just in case to see your reply either way. 

Good Luck with your search!! 


Reply by ElizabethCain, Jan 22, 2013.

Hey Joanne! 
Thanks for your reply.  That winery looks really cool, I would love to take a trip out there!  It's quite a ways down (2.5 hours) but I may be able to work something out. :)  It would be nice to have someone to go with too.  You should let me know if you'll ever be in the Naples or Fort Myers area also.  

I'll see how we can exchange contact info. :)


Thanks again! 

Reply by PrincessJoanne, Jan 28, 2013.

hmmm ... Are you on facebook? That'd be an easy way. Here's a link to my page:

Just add me as a friend and send me a message :)

Reply by parasadudegmailcom, Feb 7, 2013.
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i had completed my hotel management course and wine course .now i m looking for job as a wine sommelier. i have good knowledge about grapes and wine region from old world.  so please forward the quarries about the job opportunities to me.

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