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Why we like the community

Posted by Philip James, Jan 14, 2008.

We recently stumbled across a site called ' Command Shift 3 ', and when you see a site that likes you, you can't help but like it back!

Command Shift 3 is a community powered 'Hot or Not' style site in which users get to vote on their favorite web sites from a design point of view. We've always been proud of Snooth's design (thanks Clint) and its ease of use (Mark), but its always nice to get feedback from a larger audience.

According to the 454 battles Snooth has been in on the site, we have a 75% win rate which puts us as #1 best designed wine site and #3 best designed search site (amongst a few others). We beat Google (not sure how they win any points for 'design' to be honest. Utility and functionality, of course, but design?) as well as other fantastic sites like and Wikipedia. Thats great, but best not to disturb the sleeping dragons.

Given how our own site functions, who are we to argue with the wisdom of crowds?

PS. For the non Mac users out there, Command Shift 3 performs the Print Screen function. So now you know the target demographic the site was intended for...


Blog comment by Amit Gupta, Jan 14, 2008.

Hey congrats guys, you deserve it. Snooth's design goes down smoooth.

Blog comment by Lee Semel, Jan 15, 2008.

Hey Philip, glad you like the site! You're #1 in wine: and #3 in food. See you again at nextNY!

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