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Why show some, but not all, friends on profile?

Posted by gr, Jul 22, 2007.

I see it's a rotating set, so with enough reloads I'll see them all, but why omit the "view all" if you're going to show them at all?

There was definitely a flap on livejournal about people not wanting friends-of to be shown on their profile page (largely because trolls would create accounts with vulgar names and then add a bunch of people who were likely to be offended), so I could see where you may eventually need a "don't show friends" switch.

I also think you should take that a step further: I agree that anyone should be able to list me as a friend but, like with lj, a bidirectional friend link should be both possible and more meaningful. I'm not sure how close to the knife blade you'd be able to get with "profiles" describing professional reviewers there, but having those act like communities (fans of Joe Blow's reviews) might be safer ground than just collating all of their reviews and making them a fake profile.


Reply by Philip James, Jul 26, 2007.


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