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Why everyone and no one is a competitor

Posted by Philip James, Jun 8, 2007.

Hundreds of companies do something similar to what Snooth does, yet no-one does it quite the same. So, how many competitors do we have?

Think of Coke. Who are their competitors? Pepsi of course, but what about Mountain Dew, 7Up and Sprite? When you're thirsty iced tea and water are also options. And if you're hungry, soups and food also fill your stomach. If we're looking at treats for kids, then candy and toys also take money out of the wallet. At some point you need to stop, but coke ultimately defined their industry as "share of stomach".

Where does that leave Snooth? Well, for one, there are over 100 companies that do something similar-ish to Snooth, beyond that there are hundreds of online wine stores, tens of thousands of off-line wine stores, hundreds of thousands of restaurants that serve wine - in the US alone. But, thats not what bothers me, its the companies that aren't in wine.

There are millions of companies all vying for you, our users, precious attention - and thats really the scarce commodity.

I've been really pleased at how many companies we've tried to partner with have understood this. Sitting isolated, building their own walled gardens is inefficient - there's too much duplicated effort. We (the wine industry) need to continue to work together to build something better, something worthy of people's attention.

We'll pass 1.5 million ratings in a few days but still have a way to go, so we welcome all you wineries, distributors and critics and other wine sites to come join us.


Blog comment by Charles Knight, Jun 9, 2007.


"We (the wine industry) need to continue to work together to build something better, something worthy of people’s attention."

What a coincidence! Snooth is also a search engine, and the alternative search engines need to continue to work together to buld something better, something worthy of people's attention!


Charles Knight

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