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Who have travelled in France south-west area ?

Posted by po54, Aug 26, 2009.

Hi everybody,
I'm Pascal and I'm living in Tarn-et-Garonne near Toulouse, where good food and good wines are an art of living ! (pork charcuterie, cassoulet, fat goose and duck, foie gras, patés, ...)
Who have been there ?
What wines of this area do you know ?
If you want to discover our wines, visit my dedicated wines website :
salut :-)


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Aug 26, 2009.

Not I but I have indulged in my fair share of (pork charcuterie, cassoulet, fat goose and duck, foie gras, patés, ...) and then some!

How about sharing some of your thoughts here instead of just referring people to yous site?

Reply by dmcker, Aug 26, 2009.

Have spent a bit of time closer to the Mediterranean, from Uzes all the way down to Coulliore and the Spanish border. Lots and lots of great food and wine (and pastis) ;-) Have only passed through Toulouse and environs, never staying longer than one night.

Would be great to hear from you in this forum about the food and wine you know and love!

Reply by po54, Aug 27, 2009.

I just refer to vins-tarn-et-garonne to let the people discover our area, which is so small and lost in France wine map...

Reply by joe10, Aug 27, 2009.

I've just come back from the south of France, stayed near Collioure but took one day out to travel to Chateau de Brau which is just north of Carcassonne. They've been an organic vineyard for over 20 years now and I had a great Chardonnay Roussanne from them. Also had pleanty of Banyuls whilst I was down there.

Reply by po54, Aug 27, 2009.

Oh, Banyuls, that's great wine.
An old Banyuls with chocolate, it's real paradise !!!
This one is my favourite : Quintescence de la Coume del Mas
Less expensive that one is also quite great :
These Banyuls wines can be kept for years and years.
I taste recently an 42 years old Banyuls wich was... hummmm...
Flavours of blackberries and cherries jam, roasted almonds, honey, deep chocolate, old cognac... Close to perfection, a real great time around that bottle !!!!

Reply by dmcker, Aug 27, 2009.

Pascal, I'm curious what you think of this wine from Cahors: Clos Triguedina The New Black Wine. I've only had the '99, but it was a very interesting Malbec...

Reply by joe10, Aug 28, 2009.

I also went to Les clos de Paulilles, they have a restaurant nearly in the middle of one of their vineyards. The set menu was about 50 euros and was 5 courses, you got a different glass of wine with every dish, well worth a vist if you're down that way but you need to book a table in advance.

Reply by po54, Aug 28, 2009.

Hi dmcker,
I guess you speak of that wine :
Unfortunately, I didn't taste it yet. But I will !! They still have the '97, quite expensive (46 euros).
I tasted the Clos Triguedina 2006 (80% Malbec) with a charcoal BBQ beef entrecôte.
It has been awarded 2 Gold medal in 2009 Paris and Toulouse.
Very nice deep colour, intense nose of black fruits, strawberry, fresh notes.
Mouth very nice. Notes of vanilla. Quite strong.
For my part, I'm not very fond of young oak wines. I don't like that vanilla taste...
Too young for me. I guess it'll be better in 2016.

Reply by po54, Aug 28, 2009.

Hi Joe,
Nice place that Clos de Paulilles !
Menu sounds good also...
I bet you spent super time over there, uh ?
Their wines are mentionned in the Hachette wine guide :
salut !

Reply by dmcker, Aug 28, 2009.

Pascal, I agree with you about how too much young oak can detract. For some reason, though, I don't mind a vanilla note as much with chardonnay. Strange, perhaps, but we're all different, I guess.

Yes, that link is to the wine I was talking about. Clos Triguedina makes a number of malbecs, some even 100%, but the one I referred to is the most distinctive, in my opinion. I've never really had a wine quite like it, so I was curious what you thought. My early wine education and drinking centered around Bordeaux, California, Burgundy and the Rhone (in that order, I think), so I find Languedoc and other regions in the south and west of France to be quite interestingly different.

And Joe, I like the lighting and clarity in your photos...

Reply by po54, Aug 28, 2009.

I tasted this summer a 2008 chardonnay from my area which spent 6 months in french oak barrel and 6 other monts in american oak barrel. It was awfull : mouth of vanilla mixed with coconut. It wasn't wine anymore... something like perfume mixed with coconut cream. I couldn't swallow it... The winemaker told me that young consumers (18-19 years old) love it !!!
Let's say its better than Coke, but, let's drink wine which is wine !!!

I like very much Côtes du Rhône wines : Vacqueyras, Lirac, Gigondas, Chateauneuf, Beaumes de Venise, Saint-Joseph, Hermitage, Crozes, Côte-Rotie, Cornas, Sablet, Rasteau...
At Vinexpo 2009 in Bordeaux, I stopped at the Côtes du Rhône booth and had a degustation of ALL the wines (red, rosé and white) !
And swallowed every drop of wine !!!

Reply by po54, Aug 28, 2009.

For Clos Triguedina, I'm planing to go the domain. It's an hour and half driving from my place...
Would you like a bootle, dmcker ?

Reply by dmcker, Aug 28, 2009.

Thanks for your hospitality, Pascal, please have one for me!

You'll note I said a 'note' of vanilla, not a crashing crescendo. That chardonnay sounds like an awful experiment, though perhaps it might work well in a dance club as an alternative to, say, vodka and Redbull (even if without the caffeine kick)...

Would be very interested to hear more about your experiences with all those lovely wines from the Rhone.

Reply by penguinoid, Aug 29, 2009.

I've not been to the southwest of France yet, but it's quite high on my list of places I'm hoping to visit. Especially if I'm allowed trips over to Bordeaux and to Provence whilst I'm there ;-) Unfortunately, I'm yet to encounter a travel agent that will accept monopoly money as payment.

That 2008 chardonnay sounds terrible. Hope that sort of thing doesn't catch on...

Reply by po54, Aug 29, 2009.

dmcker, I just posted 2 notes on Côtes du Rhône and C9DP !

Reply by LA WINERY, Sep 3, 2009.

Just 30 minutes away from Bordeaux, on the road leading to the Médoc vineyards, a contemporary cultural site made of glass and steel stands in a 26-hectare park: La Winery.
This is neither a conservatory nor an academy. It is a huge complex offering newcomers and wine-lovers alike a modern, accessible and personalized approach to wine.

You won't find a château or traditional winemaking facilities here. Instead you will discover a place that changes with the seasons and the events on offer, a transparent site that fits in perfectly with its natural surroundings.

Welcome to La Winery…

Reply by dmcker, Sep 3, 2009.

Philippine, can you tell us a little more about yourself, and why you are suddenly spamming with so many reproductions of the same vague press release? La Winery may be an interesting place, but you're not presenting it in a way to make the readers of this forum very appreciative...

Reply by LA WINERY, Sep 3, 2009.

Hello dmcker !
Yes, actually sorry for the spamming but I am new on Snooth and I don't really know how to use it.
I am working at La Winery, it's a very new concept, new in the Bordeaux Region and even in Europe.
This place is amazing and gives a new approach to wine. If you come to La Winery, you will learn a lot about wine, but in a modern and attractive way.
Many wine tastings are organized, incredible art exhibitions are here to give you another vision of the wine. It's a temple of wine where everything is related to wine in a way or another.
The store we have here counts with more than 1000 references of wines from all over the world and our team of sommeliers is very profesional and open-minded. They are here to give people all the advices they need about wine.

Exclusively, you will also be abble to know what kind of wine suit to your tastes thanks to the Wine Sign. A blind tasting session of six wines enables participants, whatever their tasting experience, to refine their own personal taste and discover the wines that they like.

For more details just go to

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