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When you Wish Upon a Snooth

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Sep 18, 2008.

The path to ultimate wine happiness is paved with wine recommendations from friends and mentors (and Snooth, perhaps?). When I do get a great recommendation I know exactly what to do -- I type that wine into Snooth and see where I can buy it. Boom.

Except! ... Sometimes the wine isn't for sale. Even with 350,000+ wines in stock worldwide there are still plenty that aren't. Maybe it's a library vintage, or a special wine that hasn't been imported to my country yet. Until today, the search stopped there.

But now we've got one more shot at it. When you wishlist a wine on Snooth, we'll send you a quick note when it comes in stock. This is a great new feature, and I'll be using it regularly to keep track of those hard to find wines I've been recommended.

There are auction sites on Snooth too, so not to worry if the wine is obscure. We're happy to report when that 1982 Chateau Lafite you've been eyeing becomes available.

So wish(list) upon a Snooth. It makes no difference what you're looking for. I can't promise you'll meet any singing crickets, though.


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