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What’s in a (wine) Name?

Posted by ahall, Dec 5, 2007.

Why not drink a wine based on your mood or personality?

My friend, let's call her Brenda to protect the innocent, called me last night to tell me about this wine tasting event she went to in Texas. At first I thought this was going to be a boring story because "aren’t all wine tasting events the same." Boy was I wrong…

Brenda told me that most of the wines she gravitated towards that night had really interesting names like Fat Bastard , Bitch wine, and Ménage A Trios . She said not only were the wine names interesting, but they tasted really great. That night, Brenda went straight to her local wine store to buy a bottle of each of the wines she tried, so that the wine she drinks at home can 'pair' with her mood.

Wine marketing has changed over the years. Traditionally, people would buy wine based on what region or Château it came from, and some still do, of course. However, there's an ever growing subset of the market that buys wine based on its name or label (critter alert!). Tailoring the wine you drink to the mood you are in, might not be such a bad idea. Brenda did not set out that evening to purchase wines with the words Bastard or Bitch in them; she just thought it would be a fun thing to try.


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I'm always a little uncertain about wines with "humorous" names. I'm sure there are good wines out there named like this, but to me at least that sort of thing tends to suggest that they are more concerned with marketing than producing a good product.

Yes, I guess you could do both, but it often doesn't seem to be the case. It's cheaper, quicker and easier to make okay but dull wine and sell it with lots of clever marketing, than to go to the trouble to make great wine.

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