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Whatcha drinking tonight?

Original post by outthere, Jun 11, 2012.

The title is self-explanatory. What are you enjoying this evening? Or not?

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Reply by Lucha Vino, Jan 17, 2014.

Here is another excellent Washington wine to go in search of!  Cadence Winery is hiding out South of Seattle.  Ben Smith, the wine maker, got his start by volunteering with Chris Camarda at Andrew Will - not a bad way place to start learning your craft  Ben's wines have been served at the White House and he was the Washington State Wine Maker of the Year a couple of years back.  Plus, he is a super nice guy and an ex-bike racer!

In December I had the pleasure to taste through Cadence's 2010 releases + two wines from Ben's first commercial vintage (1998).  I just posted a profile on Cadence and the attraction of Red Mountain AVA.  I might be slightly biased, Cadence wines are awesome and I think you will enjoy reading my profile on Ben :-)

Reply by JenniferT, Jan 17, 2014.

Thanks, Lucha - I'll check it out! I'd previously heard of Cadence but haven't had anything from them. Thanks for putting them back on my radar!

Tonight I'm having one of my Italian wines that I picked up at a speciality store some time ago. It's a varietal made from Nascetta, a white Italian variety that I've never heard of before. I've never had anything quite like it - Fun! 

Reply by EMark, Jan 18, 2014.

I had a Pinot Noir, last night, that I have to admit was pretty darned good--Ken Brown 2009 Santa Barbara County.  Since my PN cred is, pretty much, non-existent, others may or may not agree with me on this one, but I liked it.  It had the cherry and slightly woody flavor that I seem to get a lot in Pinot Noir, but it also had substance.  It had a "heavy" and satiny mouth feel.  Not tannic to speak of and with moderate acid, but I liked it.  We had dinner in a restaurant called Utopia, and when I saw this on the wine list I asked Peggy if we could please, please have red wine.  She went along with it and seemed to like it.  It has been unbelievably warm here in So Cal since Christmas, and when we walked into the restaurant at about 5:00 pm, it was noticeably warm--this restaurant is a matter of a few blocks from the ocean and their doors were wide open.  When I tasted the wine, it was fine, but it was also definitely warm.  I asked the server to put the bottle in an ice bath for a few minutes and that seemed to do the trick.

Tonight it's going to be Chapin 2012 Vermentino.  We are going to try it with the Rigatoni with Beans and Mushrooms that was in a GDP article the other day.  

Has anybody ever heard of Chapin Family Vineyards?  Neither had I.  It is a Temecula winery.  A pretty good friend, Ron, visited them last summer, liked what he tried and joined their winery club.  In December he received his first shipment from them.  Unfortunately, just before this shipment arrived Ron experienced a attack of acute pancreatitis.  He is well on the road to recovery, but can no longer drink any alcoholic beverage.  So, he has distributed his December shipment to various friends, and, since he knows that Peggy prefers white wines, he gave me this Vermentino and a Sauvignon Blanc.

Ron is also a big motor sports fan (another reason we are such good buds), he had plans to attend the upcoming 24-hour sports car race in Daytona Beach, FL.  Well, he decided that he was not strong enough for a cross-country trip and a 24-hour endurance race.  So, guess who he gave his tickets to.  In a few days Mark and Peggy will be off for the Vingt-Quatre Heures du Daytona Beach.

I kind of feel like a vulture, but he insisted.  I'm really struggling to think of things I can do to reciprocate.

Reply by outthere, Jan 19, 2014.

Hey NG, look what we popped last night...


A little on the ripe side but had a great funkiness that brought it all together.

Reply by vin0vin0, Jan 19, 2014.

We had our friends over last night, the folks that traveled with us to Russian River time before last. They brought the Westwood GSM which was the first tasting room we visited on that trip. Neat little place, somewhat hidden off the square in downtown Sonoma.  We provided the RRV syrahs. Valdez Silver Eagle Estate and Scherrer Sasha. This Scherrer was better than ever. Still has loads of lively dark fruits, nice acidity and great balance but now has also developed a touch of chocolate on the back end. Sadly, that was the last of the three we had. The Valdez was somewhat muted, maybe going through its awkward state?  (I'm still not sure what that really means but I've seen this term quite a bit lately).  The Westwood was drinking nicely, a bit rustic with a nice bite from the Grenache. What's not to love about Saturday nights?

Reply by EMark, Jan 19, 2014.

Well, that Vermentino was not very good.

vv, you might want to check this old conversation regarding wines in the awkward state.

Reply by Coach Rob, Jan 19, 2014.

Finally above freezing so we are barbequing and having LaStoria Petite Syrah 2010

Reply by EMark, Jan 19, 2014.

Rob, it's in the high 80s (Fahrenheit) here.  WENEEDRAINSOBAD!!!!!!!!!

Regardless, we are having grilled burgers, tonight and I think you have the right idea.  So, for tonight, it will be


Ridge 2009 Lytton Estate Petite Sirah.

A terrific wine.  Very civilized combination of berry fruit, tannin (it actually takes a while to sneak up on you) and acid.  I'm sure that this wine could be laid down for a few years, but it is excellent, tonight.

Reply by dvogler, Jan 20, 2014.

Started with a 2010 Chateau Argadens Bordeaux Superieur (not expensive), nice, but not very big, merlot heavy....followed by a 2008 Ben Schild's reserve Shiraz.  Very nice, elegant.  Barbequed local salmon and asparagus...and a Seahawk's victory.   Smiles all around.

Reply by outthere, Jan 22, 2014.

Strong vinOvinO!

EMark, there are laws in some states banning infanticide! ;)


Color looks washed out but the mouth is wonderful. Strawberry, creamy texture, spicy finish. Kinda thin mid-palate.

Reply by EMark, Jan 23, 2014.

It was a darned good wine, OT.  Laying it on the it's side for a few years probably would not have hurt, but I was very pleased with it as it was.
As a matter of fact, I am planning on crossing several state lines in the next few hours.  
Reply by napagirl68, Jan 23, 2014.

OT!   Yay!  HUMBABA!   Yep, a bit ripe, but a nice sipper for sure.  I was surprised to see it made Sunset magazine's recent lineup of decent wines that are "easy" to find??  Is it distributed?  I was surprised to see it on that list.

Of interest to you, I have popped #2 of 3 of the Wilde Farm Pinots.  Very nice.  But I still think they need some time, and will let #3 sit a spell. 


Reply by outthere, Jan 24, 2014.

Hard to hold back on but I agree. Give it 4 or 5 years and it will be a rock star.

Reply by dvogler, Jan 26, 2014.

Tonight had a 2006 Ridge Geyserville and a 2009 Hendry Primitivo with bbq'd pork tenderloin and risotto.  The Geyserville was sublime.

Reply by outthere, Jan 26, 2014.

Friday night we decided to go  out instead of cook so in honor of ZAP I grabbed one I hadn't tried in about a year.


So last night when we fired up some pizza on the BGEI couldn't resist.


Can't wait for GDP's recap of the event.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jan 27, 2014.

OT, if you like the fruit, 3Wines (Matt Cline) bottles Evangelho at a great price.  Check out and get on the list--they have the best price on it unless you live near Wine Thieves in Berkeley and Lafayette. 

I had a Waxwing Syrah (2010) last night that friends brought over when we did our Nebbiolo dinner recently.  It was the ripe, almost jammy, lots of fruit but no real structure type of Syrah.  Not my thing, so I will have to do a Syrah dinner and get them in the Halcon/Hartford/Jemrose camp.  Once you've had that bacon, olives, violets, and blue and black berry combo, you won't go back.

Saturday we had a constellation of Italian wines:  2004 Poggio Salvi Brunello, 2009 Molino di Grace Chianti Classico, 2007 Contemassi (my "daily Super Tuscan") with a big pizza feed for my older daughter's friends and their parents.  (The 5th graders did not drink wine.)

Friday I had a Georgian wine flight while waiting for my dinner companion, then I had Fer Servadou for the first time--good for the Cab drinker, a little lighter and less tannic with a little rusticity, quite tasty--and some Touriga Nacional with our rabbit boudin.  GdP was drinking white wine--might have been worn out on red after ZAP. 

Reply by Sduquality Wines, Jan 28, 2014.

Reply by EMark, Jan 28, 2014.

I've been drinking crap for the last few days--airline wines and house wines.  Looking forward to breaking that string, tonight.

Reply by JenniferT, Jan 29, 2014.

Emark - I hope tonights wine went over well. 

As for me, I'm getting wild tonight with an Austrian varietal from......a 2003 Blaufrankisch from Gesellmann. Taking stabs at pronouncing it is a big part of the fun. I was concerned it would be past its drinking window, but its still great. (I would have never understood that concept a year ago). It seems kind of like a "bigger" version of a PN to me, with lots of fruit and savoury notes. 

Never heard of the grape before I stumbled across the last of this wine being sold off at a wine store I frequent. Not popular, I guess. Go figure. :)

Also experimenting by cooking some Thai food (a curry with coconut rice) be paired with an Alsatian Gewurztraminer. 

Reply by outthere, Jan 29, 2014.

Last night we finished off a couple bottles that we had opened up on Sunday evening. I really need to pare down my purchases a bit and start focusing on the wines  and winemakers that are hitting the mark for me right now. Two of those are. Mike Smith of Ancillary Cellars and Ryan/Megan Glaab of RYME Cellars.

RYME "Hers" Las Brisas Vyd Vermentino Carneros is just a super enjoyable white with crisp green apple, white flowers, bracing avidity and a luscious texture. I could drink this every day. They also have a "His" Vermentino from the same vineyard which is skin fermented. I'll have to pull one of those out of the cellar soon and report on it.


The Ancillary Sangiacomo Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast has a beautiful earthy element go it which Mike credits to a barrel of Pommard clone that he added that was aged on gross lees and not racked until bottling. Not devoid of dark red fruit which is a trademark of Sonoma Coast this one has a more powerful profile than its' sister bottling from Sunchase Vineyard just a few clicks up the side of Sonoma Mountain from Sangiacomo. It would hold its own with a nice rare steak just as well as it would with a pork tenderloin. 

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