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Whatcha drinking tonight?

Original post by outthere, Jun 11, 2012.

The title is self-explanatory. What are you enjoying this evening? Or not?

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Reply by outthere, Feb 26, 2013.

We need to fix that.

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 26, 2013.

My bad, I have that 2011 Gracianna Pinot Noir I got from you...tempting to try now, though I suppose I should give this at least a few more months?

Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 26, 2013.

Too soon!  Too soon!

I don't think the Gracianna has even been released.

Okay, I haven't put anything up here in a while, but not for lack of drinking.  Last night we finished off a Husch Mojo Red table wine with our Arroz con Pollo.  Not really anything special except it was a gift from the owners of the Andiron Inn in Little River (Mendocino Coast). We opened it on Saturday to go with burgers, and it was still tasting fine.  In between, we had lamb chops on Sunday night and drank a Marr Petite Sirah with that.  It was better later in the evening, but not my favorite PS ever.  Last couple I have had--a Jaffurs a while back--lacked that tannic attack that I like in PS.  It's one of the few wines I like truly massive.

On Sunday, I might have been a little burned out from tasting Pinots at Holdredge and all kinds of stuff at Mauritson. 

I almost forgot one fun bottle this weekend:  We had family over for brunch on Saturday, my wife's brother and sister in law, and her nephew and his wife.  Our nephew is a wine lover, so we had an appreciative audience for a sparkling Vouvray.  It was dry as a bone and sharp as a knife.  I'm really in a groove with Chenin Blanc these days.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 26, 2013.

Dang, OT, next time Holdredge does a deal like that, let me know!

And that Rivers Marie looks very interesting.  Do I have to order from them directly?

Speaking of Pinots, last Friday was a Vine Hill I bought from Last Bottle for a song.  Might splurge a little this Friday--although I think I have to pass on my Lucia allocation this year--spent too much at GoldenEye and just ordered my spring Roar releases.  Plus one bottle of Holdredge Mazie Rose PN.

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 26, 2013.

Yeah, if it's like last year, Gracianna will relase the PN in April.

Rivers Marie is a TRB wine and they have a closed mailing list I believe. 

Reply by outthere, Feb 26, 2013.

He still has that offer available Fox. He originally told me $20/btl if I buy a case. Email them and tell them I sent you.

winemaker at holdredge dot com

I popped one of the Gracianna's a couple weeks ago and it has settled down a lot from the bottling shock. I'll try another this weekend and report back. Remember, I hand bottled these so they didn't get the same care they get from the bottling truck. I did gas them so there should not be any air in the bottle but they should probably be enjoyed sooner than later.

The Waitlist for the Rivers-Marie is a few years right now. When I talked with Will when I picked up the wine he said they didn't add any new people to the list this year. 2012 I'm sure will be different as it was a bumper crop. Best to sign up now. You are never forced to buy anything but yo have to start somewhere.

Reply by EMark, Mar 2, 2013.

Nephew visited Napa and Sonoma a few weeks ago, and last night he delivered some bottles that I asked him to pick up for me.

It turns out that we had real reason to celebrate.  It turns out that on Wednesday, nephew learned that he has been accepted into the MFA program in theater at Columbia.  (Take that, Cornell. )  Now, of course, he and his parents have to figure out how to finance this.

We started with canapes and 2011 Cielo, a white Rhone blend from Paso Robles winery Mondo.  We moved to Shrimp Rumaki, which is always a great match with Gewurztraminer.  I served 2009 Rene Sparr Excellence from Alsace.  It was sweeter than I might have expected from Alsace, but still went extremely well with the teriyaki-like marinade on the shrimp.

Entre was Rack of Lamb, and I went into the cellar and served 1996 Clos du Val Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  Excellent wine--not big fruit, very nice body, very tame tannin (as you might imagine) and an excellent mate to the lamb.  My records show that I paid $19.99 for this wine in 1999.  It was so nice in those days to be able to buy a good bottle of wine for a reasonable price.




Reply by outthere, Mar 2, 2013.


That lamb looks pretty darn good from my perspective!
Tonight it's Pizzeria Rosso with 18 other wine geeks doing a Cali Old Vine Field Blend night.
Confirmed so far:
  • Carlisle Two Acres 1999 and 2002
  • 2008 Bedrock Lorenzo's Heirloom
  • 2012 Bedrock Ode to Lulu Rose
  • 2008 Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Zin
  • 2011 Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Rose
  • 2007 Ravenswwod Teldeschi Zin
  • 1993 Joseph Swan Frati Ranch Zinfandel
  • 1991 Seghesio Old Vine Reserve Zinfandel
  • 2002 Robert Biale Monte Rosso Zinfandel
  • 2009 T-Vine Napa Valley Zinfandel
  • 2011 Robert Biale "RW Moore" Napa Valley Zinfandel
  • 1993 Ravenswood Wood Road-Belloni Zinfandel 1.5L
  • 1997 Ravenswood Teldeschi Zinfandel
  • 1997 Cline Bridgehead Zinfandel
  • 2001 Rosenblum Monte Rosso Zinfandel
  • 1999 Ridge Geyserville 1.5L
  • 1995 Ravenswood Dickerson Zinfandel 
Plus we have 4 winemakers, Morgan Twain-Peterson (Bedrock), Mike Officer (Carlisle), Tegan Passalacqua (Turley) and Linda Baehr (Charles Krug), coming who have yet you give up what they are bringing. 
Can somebody give me an AMEN!
Reply by outthere, Mar 3, 2013.

We ended up with 2 full cases of 750s and 7 Magnums.


1999 Carlisle Two Acres 1.5L
2002 Carlisle Two Acres
2004 Carlisle Two Acres 1.5L
2007 Bedrock The Bedrock Heirloom
2008 Bedrock Lorenzo's Heirloom 
2012 Bedrock Ode to Lulu Rose 1.5l
2008 Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Zin 
2011 Bucklin Old Hill Ranch Rose 
2007 Ravenswwod Teldeschi Zin 
1993 Joseph Swan Frati Ranch Zinfandel 
1991 Seghesio Old Vine Reserve Zinfandel 
2002 Robert Biale Monte Rosso Zinfandel 
2009 T-Vine Napa Valley Zinfandel 
2011 Robert Biale "RW Moore" Napa Valley Zinfandel 
1993 Ravenswood Wood Road-Belloni Zinfandel 1.5L 
1997 Ravenswood Teldeschi Zinfandel 
1997 Cline Bridgehead Zinfandel 
2001 Rosenblum Monte Rosso Zinfandel 
1999 Ridge Geyserville 1.5L 
1993 Ravenswood Monte Rosso
1994 Ridge Bridgehead Mataro
206 Williams-Selyem Feeney Zinfandel
1984 Deer Park Winery Zinfandel 1.5L
1974 Louis Martini Zinfandel
Thackery Plieades XXI 
2006 Carlisle Pietros Zinfandel 1.5L
Unknown Vintage of Radio Coteau Von Weidlich Zinfandel
A token white 2008 Inman Chardonnay
And a stickie as Morgan brought a 750 of the unbottled 2011 Lachryma Montis.
Epic night. We closed it out by going to Russian River Brewery for some Plinys afterwards.
Reply by JonDerry, Mar 3, 2013.

Going large!

Looking forward to the recap...Mags are definitely a good idea for 20+ folks

Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 3, 2013.

Hmm, not sure which Pleiades is sitting in my basement, but that might be the one I am sitting on.  Let me know how that was.

OT, aren't we doing something on Tuesday in Sonoma also?  Tell me I didn't buy that bottle at Premier Cru for nothing! You are a busy man...

Emark, that was great looking lamb.  And I share your wish that good wine was still available from Napa for a reasonable price.  So, assume that we had 2-3% inflation since 1999.  (I know, the stock market and wages are all but flat, but they tell us that 2-3% out of our hides is normal.) That's thirteen years at 2%, say, for  26% overall (without compounding).  So that bottle should be $25.  And it is. Of course, now you have to wait another 13 years or so for it to be that good.

BTW, much as my Cornell education has served me well, for an MFA I would take Columbia just to be in NY.  Unless it's in writing. Anyway, Ithaca is too remote for me to pester my kids, so we are encouraging them to apply to Yale and Princeton, although my older daughter thinks CalTech sounds like fun.  Years to go before we make those decisions.

My latest wine (didn't have any last night) was 2006 Philippe Livrey Gevrey-Chambertin Clos Village.  Better than the last bottle but still kind of woody and lacking in that sweet fruit and powerful aromatic quality that I like in PN.  I agree that California PNs can take the sweet fruit too far--comparisons to Jolly Ranchers aren't a positive in my book--but I'm not drinking PN for the oak.  I don't drink anything for the oak, and PN is just kind of sensitive to it, IMO.  I'm going to order some of those Rivers-Maries and make those my Friday go-to for a while, I think.

Reply by EMark, Mar 3, 2013.

I look at those lists that OT showed and one word comes to mind:  orgy.  The ancients may have written the book, but I don't think they could have topped that.

I am so jealous.

Cal Tech.  Awesome. 

Reply by duncan 906, Mar 3, 2013.

This evening I opened a bottle of Bourgogne Haut Cotes de Beaune Albert Bichot 2003 to accompany my steak.I bought this bottle because it has a 'tastevinage confrerie de chevaliers du tastevin' label on it which usually means it is pretty good.Unusually for a Burgundy it tasted musty and tannic although there was plenty of a rasspberry like fruit there.At least it was not so smooth as to be bland like one or two Burgundies and it certainly went well with the steak

Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 3, 2013.

Yeah, Emark, it's not impossible, she's good at math and has a small advantage being female, but so far, everything comes pretty easily and she still needs to improve her work habits.  She's in middle school, so it's a long way off.  Too bad neither of my daughters wants to go to oenology school at Davis, although in-state tuition isn't the bargain it was. 

Duncan, that sounds like the right Burg for a steak, but proves once again that the word "Burgundian" is pretty hard to pin down.  I've had a few Burgs that were musty indeed--my taste runs to the brighter ones, but that's not a bad thing if it includes those mushroomy, truffle-y notes.  Just hard to know what you are getting with those wines, so hard to match them to a meal ahead of time. 

Reply by amour, Mar 3, 2013.

RE: DUNCAN......Exactly why we should not be too "in awe" when we behold such labels!

I drank Chateau Musar/ Lebanon/Bekaa Valley  2001 "Jeune Red".

Very smooth, yet quite earthy, with that long memorable finish.

I drank it along with a flank steak stir fry of various julienne cut vegetables and thin egg noodles.

Quite pleasant a combination!

Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 3, 2013.

Nothing unimpressive about Musar, it's one of the insider's favorites of the wine world, and served at some pretty swanky places, including Commis, right here in Oakland, as part of their wine pairings for the chef's menu. 

Reply by EMark, Mar 3, 2013.

She's in Middle School?  Plenty of time to change her mind 40 or 50 times.

Let her follow her passion, whatever it is.

Breaking into my first Halcon Alturas, tonight.  First sip is wonderful.

Reply by outthere, Mar 3, 2013.

EMark, that Alturas will be killer tomorrow. Save some. I just had one last week and it was way better on Day 2. I decanted 4 hrs and poured it back into the bottle under cork til the next evening.

Reply by amour, Mar 4, 2013.

Having so many Lebanese friends over the years, I have always supported their wines.

I  met some of their wine associates at the Miami International Wine Fair; they are all exceedingly proud of their wine history. 

It is interesting how war affected their wine making and how they prevailed.

Reply by napagirl68, Apr 7, 2013.

2012 Suacci Carciere Rose of Pinot Noir, RRV, Sonoma...

Nice, tight little rose.

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