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Whatcha drinking tonight?

Original post by outthere, Jun 11, 2012.

The title is self-explanatory. What are you enjoying this evening? Or not?

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Reply by EMark, Sep 5.

Not too many people posting on Snooth, these days.  I'd best not speculate.

One of my favorite wineries.


VERY light-bodied red wine. Some red fruit--strawaberry--on entry and, OK, not red, a suggestion of blueberry.  Very lean and somewhat tart.  Of course, in my opinion that makes for an easy drinking wine.  I have to confess that there is not much in the way of complexitiy or sophistication in this wine, but, like I say, it is easy to drink, and I'm liking it.

Reply by duncan 906, Sep 9.

The other day I had a bottle of Chateau Siran Margaux that I bought on my trip to Bordeaux back in May. Chateau Siran was the first place the tour took us to on our trip around the Bordeaux vineyards. I thought it lovely stuff so I bought a bottle. I wrote up a review on here. My opinion has not changed. I still think it a lovely claret.with plenty of fruit and flavour.I had it with my supper of roast pork while watching Bach's 'Well tempered Clavier' on

Reply by EMark, Sep 11.


Unusual wine.  Very bright, fruity nose.  On the tip of the tongue, again, red fruit, but, then, some serious tartness..  The next decriptor that comes to mind is lemon pith.  The edges of my tonge feel like I've been eating that white stuff right below the yellow zest of a lemon peel.  Now, if this were a light-bodied white wine,I would call it "refreshing," but it's not.  Not an awful wine experience, but perplexing..

Reply by vin0vin0, Sep 11.

Mark, interesting notes for a Spanish red.  Looking at my CT inventory, we drank a bottle of the '10 vintage of this back in January but I didn't write any tasting notes, must not have made much of an impression. I have another bottle in the wine closet, might have to dig it out sooner rather than later.

Reply by vin0vin0, Sep 12.

Fun grenache from Adelaida out of Paso.  Not overly complex but fresh and smooth mainly showing ripe black cherry but with with subtle notes of dark plum and just a touch of leather. There is a medium amount of acidity, smooth light tannins and a medium length finish.  (can y'all see the label?)

Reply by EMark, Sep 12.

Uh, yeah, v v, I guess we can see the label.

Here's mine for tonight

An exemplary for the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  Obvious dark fruit on entry.  Then some  things that make you think "rustic"--leaher, dustiness.  Still some very stiff tannins.  I'm liking that.  An enjoyable wine to dring, tonight, but if anybody is dedicating cellar space to this, I feel that's a reasonable investment.  There is no rush.

Reply by dmcker, Sep 12.

Duncan, sounds like a nice night with the Siran, roast pork and Bach piano (or was it actually played on a clavier?).

Back in the '80s, when Bordeaux prices were a fraction of what they are now (go take a flying leap, RP et al.!), I used to buy Siran in case lots and it became a weeknight companion. I tended to look for more 'masculine'  knock-your-socks-off-yet-with-balance types for my special bottles then, while Siran tended toward the 'feminine' (for left-bank Bordeaux, anyway) with noticeable finesse. I must have liked it because I kept buying those cases....

Mark, yes on the laying Chappellets down. It pays off, though I'm not sure how much with whichever bottling they're now offering, compared to the fewer offerings in the past..

Reply by Ivesreeves, Sep 12.

Dined at a small plate venue called Vernick's in Philadelphia tonight.  A few publishing colleagues and I enjoyed a bottle of Zin that was fall-off-my-chair delicious.  Had to snap a pic.  Remember those Hostess cherry pie snacks we devoured as kids? Tonight was the first time I ever picked up that note in a glass of wine. This wine not only offered that bit of nostalgia but also served as a suitable pairing with my veal shank and white asparagus.  Fun night. 


Reply by dmcker, Sep 13.

Ives, those Hostess fruit pies (cherry, apple, blackberry) in the waxed paper wrappers were my 2nd dessert of choice (first was on the tray when sitting down inside) when we gathered in the quad outside the cafeteria after lunch in Jr. Hi and High School. A distant 2nd choice was Doritos (spicy hot taco flavor), which had just come out back then. Hell, I devoured most any and everything, while still being a bit picky, and those or fresh fruit did it for me among the choices available in that context. Still remained rail-thin, back then, anyway.

Will try to remember that Hartford Zin...

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