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What would you bid on...

Posted by outthere, Jun 7, 2010.

Auction Napa Valley is history and bidding was up this year with the overall take over $8 million. A $3 million increase over last year.

Hot lots?

Mary Miner of Oakville Ranch Vineyards spent $350,000.00 on a 10 magnum lot of Harlan Estate in Napa valley and a dinner for eight. “I love Harlan,” she laughed. “Nothing better. I plan to drink the wine. Oh yes, and maybe share some with friends at a party. I love parties.”  You gotta love it!

The most suspenseful action of the day began with the purchase for $250,000 for a lot that mushroomed into four $250,000 lots. The transaction spiraled to $1 million because Colgin Cellars kept duplicating the offering, which featured eight magnums of Bordeaux blends, plus a private dinner and cellar consultation from Ann Colgin and her husband, Joe Wender, of Colgin Cellars

Another ”deal” was the $200,000 bid fby M.K. Koo of Hong Kong for a 6-liter bottle of Screaming Eagle. He said it was the right size to carry home.

So, if money was no object, what would your dream lot be?


Reply by dmcker, Jun 8, 2010.

The Chinese seem to be specializing in those 'dream' lots....

However personally, I'd like a half-case vertical each of the best pinot noir producers from Ventura/Santa Barbara (maybe 3 different producer lots), Sonoma (a dozen?) and Willamette (a half dozen?), a half case from different vintages and vineyards from Pyramid Valley in N.Z., and a dozen or more similar lots from the best of Burgundy (the 'or more' to consist of DRC, the dozen from others). Now that would be fun to put together, bid on, and most of all, drink. Although the smart thing would undoubtedly be to be on the selling side, pocket the enormous proceeds, and then buy a lot more wine at cheaper prices....

Reply by chadrich, Jun 8, 2010.

Not sure what my precise dream lot would be, but I know it would involve wine, travel and meeting the winemaker.  While it's great to own a trophy bottle(s), I think the experience of going to the source, talking to the person responsible for the magic, then bringing home the subject product is so much more complete and memorable. 

Of course don't let that stop anyone from shipping some cult bottles direct to my door.

Reply by StevenBabb, Jun 9, 2010.

how about this..... i got two.... can never make up my mind....(but i can dream, can't i?)

i think a vertical of screaming eagle, including the '92 vintage that was given 99 pts by RP, and a nice sit down dinner, (with a tasting menu created by thomas keller) with Jean Phillips and Heidi Peterson Barret, and talk at length about "the good ol' days" and how it all started. it's rare to have such an infamous colt wine with women in the for front..... ( i actually got to "taste" some screaming eagle back when i was 18... a case was donated to the head table at a wedding at the napa airport...)

auction number two...

a vertical tasting of chateau d'yquem, at the chateau... maybe spread out over a few days..... staying at the chateau, of course....

(common super lotto!!!    hahaha)

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