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What is a Toothache?

Posted by Snoother 2248276, Oct 23.

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Toothache begins when any type of problem starts in the veins around the root of the tooth.


Toothache is a common tooth problem that is felt in the affected tooth. Some people seem to have dental pain coming from their head, jaw, or ear. Some people feel pain in the teeth like a jerk, while some people feel constant pain. Sometimes the pain increases up to the jaw which also causes swelling and boils. In this case, you need to see a dental clinic in Raj Nagar for better treatment of your oral problems.


This is usually caused by tooth decay and dirt, as rot is converted into acid-producing bacteria. These acids break down sugar and attack the lining of the teeth. After spreading the decay on the teeth layer, it grows towards the root of the teeth. Tootha che begins due to affecting the roots of teeth. Toothache can occur due to broken teeth or new teeth. Apart from this, due to sinusitis (swelling of the sinus in the face), many times there is pain in the teeth.

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