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What Does That Thing Do?

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Nov 27, 2007.

A couple quick updates from tech today. First off, you may have noticed the 3 'a's hanging out at the upper right of the page. Those tools fiddle with the font size on the page -- making it bigger should be a snap if you find it a tad too small.

Until recently the tools were not sticky. That is, if you navigated off the page where you used them, the text snapped back to the default smaller size. Not so anymore! We'll be only too happy to remember your preferred size.

Secondly, if you know for a fact you are not interested in one of the wines we have recommended for you, now you can tell Snooth that you are not interested in that recommendation and we'll clear it out for you with a fresh set of recs. You can do this using the menu icon next to the wine name on your recommendations page. That menu contains a collection of useful links for interacting with a wine.

Make sure you wishlist any of the recommendations you'd like to keep around before you do this though -- they might all change depending on how active your fellow Snooth users have been. You can also "bookmark" the wine by adding it to your "My Wines" page.

Not sure how to add to "My Wines"? Try this button on the wine details page!


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