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What do you eat with vintage champagne?

Posted by JonasH, Nov 17, 2009.

Dear All,

I'm Jonas, new to this site. The parents coming to visit us in Spain for the first time, I want to show off offering vintage champagne (Krug and Deutz BdB from 1996) for aperitif but would also like to offer it with the meal. Any unusual tips for what food to combine it with?

Best regards



Reply by dmcker, Nov 17, 2009.

More like what *can't* you eat with it...

So are you looking for Spanish cuisine? You can always ask them to pick up caviar at Duty Free on the way over... ;-)

Reply by amour, Dec 7, 2009.

But, for next time, you may wish to serve ...blinis(small buckwheat pancakes) with a layer of creme fraiche, a thin sliver of NORWEIGIAN SMOKED SALMON, topped with decent CAVIAR, AS BEST YOU CAN...(try to avoid cheap lumpfish, if you can!)

Reply by dmcker, Dec 7, 2009.

On Sunday I had an old friend over for a simple dinner. I asked her to bring some wine, and told her I was serving oysters (which I already knew she shared a love of with me). I'd marinated a couple dozen oysters in good olive oil more than a week earlier (used a dry frying pan on a low fire to heat the raw oysters and purge their moisture, added a little oyster sauce, repeated the process, all for about 10 mins, so the oysters cooked through, changed to a darker color and firmed up; layered in a quart container the oysters with four cloves of garlic and four takanotsume chili peppers, poured over them two cups of olive oil, closed the container and stored in the fridge until ready for use--either as hors d'oevres by themselves, or in a dish like I made). What I decided to make was spaghetti with a sauce from those oysters (2/3 chopped, 1/3 full sized) with garlic and dill (though parsley would also work) cooked in the marinade oil. Simple but full of wonderful flavors and textures. Tremendous oyster depth with hints of both China and the Mediterranean....

Anyway, the reason for this post was the wine she brought. It was a '98 Cuvée William Deutz champagne that ended up being a perfect match for the oyster pasta. She knew I liked Deutz, especially the old Deutz before Roederer bought them up, but that was the oldest she could find. Nor did she know how I was going to be preparing the oysters. Certainly ended up being a felicitous match (and a great evening overall), not least because this Deutz seemed like it was perfectly designed for more savory, slightly oriental cuisine. Pale gold, crystal clear. Impressive nose, rich, complex. Aromas of ginger, nutmeg, maybe baked apples, and more. Crisp attack followed by finesse, evoking something sunny and raisiny. A rich, savory finish. Opened up more quickly than I expected with many secondary scents more usually found in champers aged longer. Don't know if that came from the storage conditions or the wine itself, but it wasn't a case of any obvious damage.

Only problem was that we went through that bottle too quickly. So I pulled out a bottle of '99 Estate Chalone chardonnay that I had handy. A good wine that worked fine with the menu, but a little disappointing both because it wasn't as perfect a match as the Deutz, and also that it reminded me of how much more I liked the old Chalone compared to its newer form in the several years before and especially after it was bought by Diageo.

Reply by Girl Drink Drunk, Dec 7, 2009.

dmcker, I'm a strict, lifetime veg, but your oysters just had me salivating!

Reply by dmcker, Dec 8, 2009.

Interesting leap, GDD, from vegan to oysters! ;-)

Everyone seems to be different. I've just watched this past year someone close to me who over the dozen years I've known her has always been very vegetarian (besides veggies only dairy products, no eggs, not even mayonnaise) suddenly start eating beef steaks and hamburgers. No chicken or fish, though the way things are turning out I won't be surprised when she starts eating shrimp. I wonder if the fact that the only wine she'll drink is hearty reds or champagne has anything to do with it...

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