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What about dry Rosés de Provence?......

Posted by 4TOURS, Jun 10, 2010.


Never heard of it?.....

Never taste one?....

I hate them!...........why

I love them? .............why


Reply by mollywoo, Jun 10, 2010.

They're the perfect wine for warm weather, when you want something that has a little more substance than a white wine, and something lighter than a red. Great with salmon or pork. And they just smell and taste like summer. Can't beat 'em. We sell about 15-20 different kinds during the summer...and we have people who come in as soon as we get them and buy mixed cases.

Reply by dynowine, Jun 11, 2010.

In my opinion the best roses from Provence employ the same grapes used in the region's red wines, but in a rose style (grenache, syrah, mouvedre, counoise, carignan, and so on).  Such wines have complexity similar to red wines but their lighter style sometimes reveals the complexity better and more subtly.   Advisory:  some of these roses require air time to fully bring forth their flavors, just like their red cousins.

Try one of these

Domaine Sorin Terra Amata Cotes de Provence Rose 2009

Mordoree Tavel Rose Dame Rousse 2009 or 2008 Charles and Charles Rose 2009  (USA, rose of syrah)


Reply by TheWineBitch, Jun 12, 2010.

You should LOVE Provence rose. They are the best roses ever! They pick up all of the minerality of surrounding areas. I disagree with the air time, you just chill them up and have a go. They don't last very long, the maceration periods are less than a day on most. Start small, don't go too complex. Chateau Calissanne is a great brand, I actually went to their vineyard and they have limestone surrounding which presents itself in the wine. If you don't like minerality in a wine, don't drink rose. Drink a Beaujolais or something more fruity. Roses go extremely well with tomato based dishes, white fish, barbecued anything, veggies, or a nice brie en croute salad with plenty of ripe tomato. Roses are the perfect summer sipping wine because they don't leave that residual tannins and the fruit should be nice and bitey with a touch of mineral. You might get a hint of ammonia/grapefruit but that is only because the wine is too young and needs a rest. Only let it air if you smell ammonia-ish aromas. It doesn't mean it's bad! Just new!



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