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Posted by VeniVidiVini, Oct 4, 2007.

Take a wild guess. How many wine blogs on the world wide web?

In determining a count, I would have guessed a couple of hundred. I was way off.

The number that's been bandied about is 800+ and those are just the ones we know about. There's even a site devoted to wine blogs .

How's that for a Norman Rockwell moment?

Wine blogs come in many varieties. There are blogs by wine girls and wine guys , wine goddesses and divas . There’s even an Asian wine hunter , a wining woman and a chief wino .

Paying homage to all these blogs is YAWB (an acronym for 'Yet Another Wine Blog') which proclaims "It's not my hobby, it's my YAWB," while boasting a total of five entries.

Even winemakers are blogging now. The Winery Web Site Report (Yes, there is one) lists 58, though I'm certain there are many more. On these sites there are harvest and weather updates and occasionally quirky pieces- like the one about the process of naming new wine. Interesting stuff, though who has the time to read it?

So, which is it? Are we in love with wine or with our own voices? It's a confessional era we're living in where members of social networks- like Facebook and Friendster - post intimate photos and share each and every move (and mood). We're loving this self-exposure -- and the voyeurism, too. Wine is a sensual, evocative topic and fits in neatly. I see no slowdown in sight. Expect many more wine blogs to be born.

And, because we like to be ahead of the times and on top of the news -- if you come across a blog we should know about, please do send it along.


Blog comment by el jefe, Oct 5, 2007.

You'll read some of those 58 winery sites if you enjoy reading them - just like you'll read any of the other blogs you mention. Or even this one...:)

Reply by Philip James, Oct 6, 2007.

El Jefe - agreed! I just wish there was a better way to stay on top of everything out there (and i dont mean RSS feed readers). Winelifetoday would be an ideal place - except the articles are still dominated by just a few bloggers.

Blog comment by Erika Strum, Oct 8, 2007.

Great point, Philip. I especially do not see a slow down in sight as wine bloggers are gaining more credibility and recognition.

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