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Well another taste guys, this time Argentina!

Posted by CheloSpahn, Nov 8, 2012.

On wednesday I had the oportunity to taste different kind of winds from Argentina (My mom is from Argentina so she taugh me my love for wine).

We taste different hights, different regions and different wineries..

Colome / Torrontes / 2011.

White wine from Salta, North Argentina.

This wineries are have about 1700 mts to 3000 mts high from ground wich give this wines its excellent acidity.

It has a pale yellow color but was bright and some green tones reflects. The nose totally shock me because it was really expressive, floral and herbal fragances combined with some honey and mapple syrup. On the mouth the acidity totally appears from the first sip and it has some crisp sensations, lychee is the most important fruit that appears here. Very unstuos Also. Middle finish and I will drink it with Sushi or Thai food.

Bodegas Chacra Barda / Pinot Noir / Patagonía Rio Negro 2008

It has a red ruby color and oOn the nose blackberry and coriander (more spices) appear to make this a really pleasant wine. With 12 month on french oak barrel spices continue to expand on the mouth, appearing some leather and some mineral taste-like finish. Black ripe fruit on the after taste. Soft tanins high acidity wich make this wine very nice. Great silky and long finish. Eat it with some Grill Chicken and so much spices.

Luca / Malbec / Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza 2009

Intense violet brigth color. On the nose some cristallized red fruit like plum and agras, very fruity wine. Some velvety tanins with the rigtha acidity, ligth body and again very fruity on the palate (it has 14 months on french new oak barrel). Some toffe on the after-taste. (Not my tipe of malbec). Deffinately will drink it with an Argentinian Style BBQ.

Catena Late Harvest / Semillón / Lujan de Cuyo D.O.C

This wine has a really intense gold color. On the nose it really surprise because it has botrytis aromas and with the 14 months on french new oak barrel it has a very nice floral intensity, mapple syrup, peach and citrics combined together. When I drink it it totally blow my mind with a well-balanced acidity and very unctuos also. I will totaly drink it with a Passion Fruit chesse Cake.


Hope you guys enjoy this! :) I will be publishing photos on my tastings soon (my phone is broken and just bought and Iphone)


I drink wine therefore I exist.





Reply by EMark, Nov 8, 2012.

How Cartesian of you.

I've had the Torontes and enjoyed it.  I think Thai would be a winner

Reply by zufrieden, Nov 10, 2012.

Ah, Torrontes!  This humble little vine of Spanish provenance produces a wonderfully spicy and fresh wine with litlle finesse or complexity, but then that is not what one drinks it for!  Needs the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Taken like springwater in earlier days in its adopted homeland. And yes, it suits most Oriental and even Indian fare.

As to Argentina in general, amigos, there is plenty of good news in wine to rate a fiesta.

There is considerable interest in France to break out and establish bordeaux blends in Mendoza.  A good affordable wine is Clos de los Siete (Michel Rolland) which has many of the qualities of a fine Bordelais. I have tried several vintages.

I am not a strong fan of Malbec (Cot), but there are boutique wineries such as Altos las Hormigas which provide New World examples of this vine with character but not excessive price. These wines tend to exude more power, rusticity and angularity than examples from Cahors (France), but that is their nature.  Love them for what they are!






Reply by CheloSpahn, Nov 19, 2012.

Well Zufrieden I can totally tell you I haved tried some Argentinian Malbecs and Pinot Noirs wich will not have nothing to ask from their France similes!

I have the opportunity to have them just because wine market here in Colombia is open too much for Chilean and Argentinian wines.

Reply by Degrandcru, Nov 19, 2012.

Zufrieden: I agree with you about the Clos de los Siete, great value.

About the Altos las Hormigas I don't know, I perceived quite a step back in quality in recent years, don't know if they really got worse or if my taste pattern has changed. Also I doubt that this is a boutique winery, considering that it is available at every supermarket for a few bucks...

Reply by Wai Xin Chan, Nov 21, 2012.

From my understanding, the Spanish Torrontes is not similar to those from Argentina based on DNA profiling. The honey and floral aroma originates from its parent grape, Muscat, and supported by the acid from Mission grape.

For the Malbec, I have tasted those that were very fruity but there's always a hint of funk to it. Not my kind of wines too.

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