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Wearable Motorcycle

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Aug 18, 2008.



Reply by John Andrews, Aug 18, 2008.

Definitely very interesting ... the idea of being suspended from the main unit does make me wonder about fatigue and I'm curious to see what the cornering capabilities are.

Oh yeah, I'm a motorcycle rider so this I find very interesting.

Reply by oceank8, Aug 18, 2008.

That is amazing! I think the laying down position would be quite scary with the road rushing past you.

Reply by Philip James, Aug 18, 2008.

Funny user comment on that page:

"Cool concept vehicle. Imagine the following unexpected items in the drivers path (assuming the driver is male, and has lost control of the vehicle)

Utility Pole
Road Sign
Parked Car
Fire Hydrant


Reply by Mark Angelillo, Aug 18, 2008.

@Honda -- I wondered what you would think. Does this seem like a total crock to you, or feasible?

' “I believe a working prototype could be made, but it would take a great deal of time and engineering,” he says. The basic technology already exists; the Watertown, Massachusetts, start-up A123 is already selling the lithium-ion batteries Loniak wants to use, and a number of companies are developing ultracapacitors for electric cars and hybrids. “This isn’t fantasy,” he says. “It’s a green vehicle, and all of the numbers are based in the real world.” '

But really? Who would buy it?

Reply by oceank8, Aug 19, 2008.

I think people with money to burn that always like to have the newest invention would buy it, but beyond that, I don't see much of a market for it. People can look pretty good riding down the street on a motorcycle, I think this contraption would make you look pretty strange.

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