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Want to volunteer at a Virginia Vineyard?

Posted by ChipDWood, Aug 31, 2010.

With Earl potentially on the way, a boatload of Virginia Vineyards are taking the safer root and harvesting certain varietals now before any more rain comes.

Wanna help out?

Our friends over at have a great service in which they can help place individuals that want to spend some time volunteering to help out Virginia Vineyards during this crucial phase of harvest... harvest in a race against what could be the landfall of Hurricane Earl, taking the "old fashioned" route of heading up the Atlantic Coast.

By "volunteering", might I add: these vineyards often pay for help with bottles of wine.  So, it's an opportunity to get your hands dirty and learn about the heart of the wine-making process, while potentially taking home a few souveneirs to sample later over fish, fried chicken, hamburgers, or Kobe beef.

Again, here's the link to get your name on the list of Virginia Wine Events database of volunteers.

And remember: The closer you get to the grapes that make the wine, the more you'll know about all wine, itself.

(Full disclosure: I won't be paid or compensated with any wine or cash for helping to pass the word concerning the work that needs to be done.  I'm just getting "closer to the vine" which, frankly, sounds like a Rush song, but that's neither hither, nor tither.)


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